Banana Split Donuts

Banana Split Donuts


BakeMark Products Used

Brand Product or Type SKU Link
Westco Sup-R-Roll YRD Mix 09860
Westco Strawberry Topper Filling 08292
BakeSense Instant Dry Yeast Res 50712
Westco Chocolate Dipping Icing 75684
BakeSense Whipped Topping 11200
BakeSense Palm Fry Shortening 17231

Alternate Products Used

Brand Product or Type SKU Link
Westo New Horizon YRD Mix 50445
Westco Strawberry Pie Filling 51423
Trigal Dorado Pastry Topping 06590
BakeSense IE Donut Fry Shortening 17240



Mix the dough according to the instructions on the bag for a small batch. Use your scale to weigh all the ingredients, including the water. Use your thermometer to determine the proper temperature water. Let the dough rest for 30 to 60 minutes.


Bundle the dough. Let the dough rest an additional 15 minutes. Roll out and cut into bars.


Proof in a medium dry proof box between 90°F and 100°F. Fry at 375°F for 55-60 seconds per side in BakeSense Palm Fry Shortening. Let donuts completely cool down.


After the donuts have cooled, slice them in half lengthwise. Dip the edges of each half in Westco Chocolate Dipping Icing. Spread the donut apart and pipe BakeSense Whipped Topping into it using a pastry bag with a large star tip. Place a banana on top. Pipe Westco Strawberry Topper Filling on the sides of the banana. Finish as shown on photo or as desired.