Lemon Glazed Donut

Lemon Glazed Donut

A Lemon Glazed Donut Recipe to add a Zest to your Menu!

Looking to add a burst of refreshing citrus flavor to your donut shop’s menu? Look no further than our tantalizing Lemon Glazed Donut recipe, featuring premium BakeMark Products. Elevate your offerings and captivate your customers with this zesty treat that will leave them craving more. At BakeMark, we take pride in delivering top-quality ingredients for your baking needs. Our Lemon Flavor Delights Flavoring will infuse your donuts with a bright and tangy taste that is sure to awaken the senses. The sweet and tangy glaze adds the perfect finishing touch, creating a delightful balance of flavors that will leave your customers wanting another bite.

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By incorporating BakeMark Products into your Lemon Glazed Donut recipe, you can ensure consistent quality and flavor. Our commitment to excellence means that each donut will be a masterpiece. A delicious treat of taste and texture, that will bring joy to every customer who indulges.

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BakeMark Products Used

Brand Product or Type SKU Link
Westco Vanilla Superfine Cake Donut Mix 39805
Westco Super Speedee 9401
Flavor Delights Lemon Flavor Delights Flavoring



  1. Place the water in the bowl then add the dry mix. Using a paddle, mix for 30 seconds in low speed to incorporate ingredients.
  2. Scrape the bowl well then continue mixing for 2 minutes in medium speed (medium speed is 3rd speed on a 4-speed machine).
  3. Batter temperature should be 72° after mixing.
  4. Rest for 5 minutes (if room temperature is very cool, rest for 10 minutes).
  5. Fry at 375°F for 55 seconds on each side.
  6. For best results, apply glaze to a warm donut (1 minute after frying).


  1. Place the hot water in the mixing bowl, then add the Super Speedee Glaze and Lemon Flavor Delights.
  2. Using a paddle, mix for 1 minute in low speed (low speed is 2nd speed on a 4-speed machine).
  3. Scrape down. Continue mixing in low speed until smooth.