Delivering Bakery Success Worldwide

At a time when bakery operators are looking for strong partners to help them grow, BakeMark is expanding globally to deliver more opportunities for success worldwide. Through the International Bakery Marketing Alliance, each market now has the opportunity to leverage global scale. The International Bakery Marketing Alliance is the largest network of bakery leaders, sharing the expertise and leveraging the strengths of each member to deliver bakery success worldwide.

Here’s how the International Bakery Marketing Alliance works for you and delivers value to your operation:

  • Connecting thousands of bakery operations through one global network
  • The largest global network of leading distributors
  • Sourcing from the top manufacturers in each market
  • Leveraging global scale to deliver quality solutions with consistent supply
  • Representing today’s leading brands and portfolios across the globe
  • Delivering global expertise for localized bakery success

Ready to grow? Reach out to the International Bakery Marketing Alliance at growth@gbma.com to see what growth opportunities are available to you.

Ready to become a International Bakery Marketing Alliance member? Please contact us at members@gbma.com.