Berry Fillings

The Sweet Berry Taste for all your Baked Treats.

Berries make for the perfect fillings for pies, and when it comes to high-quality berry fillings, BakeMark is the name you can trust. Whether you want strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, or blackberry fillings, BakeMark offers the right blend of sweetness and flavors.

Our fillings have the goodness and true flavor of berries. With BakeMark berry fillings, you will not mistake the flavors and create mouthwatering products every time.

Brand Product or Type SKU Qty.
Westco Raspberry Dandy Filling 8103 1 / 42 lb
Westco Raspberry Gourmet Filling 8273 1 / 42 lb
Westco Northwest Marion Blackberry Filling 34282 1 / 38 lb
Westco Strawberry Topper Filling 8284 1 / 38 lb
Westco Whole Strawberry Filling 34342 1 / 38 lb
Westco New England Blueberry Filling 8202 1 / 38 lb
Westco Blueberry Filling 8193 1 / 38 lb
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Baking Tip
Quality berry fillings are key to the best danishes.

Baking Tip

Fruit Content in your Puff Pastries is Important.

Use fillings with as little water as possible. Fillings with high soluble sugar content will prevent boiling. High viscosity fillings won’t run off the top of baked pastries. The higher the fruit content the better the visual appeal.