Dipping & Donut Icing

Perfect Icing for the Sweetest Treats!

Creating your flavored donuts start with a quality dipping or donut icing. BakeMark’s line of icings will transform your donuts into tasty bites of art. Whether offering tradition with vanilla and chocolate, or looking to provide customers a unique tastes with maple or fudge, BakeMark has it for you. Creating your eye caching pieces of art topped with sprinkles and other toppings, starts with a BakeMark Icing.

Brand Product or Type SKU Qty.
Westco Maple Dipping Icing 8984 1 / 25 lb
Westco Caramel Dipping Icing 19516 1 / 25 lb
Westco Vanilla Dipping Icing 19529 1 / 45 lb
Best Brands White Donut Icing 58207 1 / 40 lb
Best Brands Chocolate Donut Icing 58208 1 / 40 lb
Best Brands Maple Donut Icing 58209 1 / 40 lb
Westco Smooth as Silk Fudge Icing 19521 1 / 45 lb
Westco Brite White Plus Icing Base 31672 1 / 30 lb
Westco Lokarso Fudge Base 54211 1 / 35 lb
Best Brands Chocolate Icing Base 79274 1 / 50 lb
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Baking Tip
Delicious donuts topped with only the best icings!

Baking Tip

Keep Your Icings Fresh!

BakeMark Dipping Icings are ready to use but require heating to 105-110°F before use. Heating beyond 120° will cause the icings to lose their stability. Water should never be added to these products. If they need to be thinned, simple syrup such as Westco Honey Pectin Glaze should be used