Mermaid Donuts

Mermaid Donuts

Mermaid Donuts, Perfect for going Under the Sea

The opportunities are endless in filling your donut cases during the summer. What better way to spring the splash of summer than with mermaid themed donuts. The simplicity of these donuts with the brand new Srinkelina Mermaid Blend will have kids dreaming of being “Under the Sea”! Make an additional splash with the mermaid tail made from chocolate. Not only will it elevate your case, it gives you the opportunity to charge premium pricing so something so simple! Remember, LTOs are a perfect way to bring in seasonal offerings, charge a premium, and create consistent demand with customers old and new.

With BakeMark comes Quality & Versatility

BakeMark not only provides the highest quality bakery ingredients in the industry. They also provide the largest line of more versatile products as well. Letting your creative minds run wild with countless possibilities. These simple mermaid inspired donuts are  just another example of how some simple quality products mixed together will be perfect to fill your bakery cases. Remember, don’t sacrifice the quality in your baked goods, trust the leaders in quality, trust BakeMark.


BakeMark Products Used

Brand Product or Type SKU Link
Westco Master Mix Yeast Raised Donuts 9866
Westco Vanilla Buttercream Icing 23119
Sprinkelina Mermaid Sprinkles 92511
Chef Master Liqua Gel in Leaf Green 11987
ASM White Chocolate Block 8661



  1. Mix and Fry donut according to bag directions.


  1. Fitted with a whip attachment, mix vanilla buttercream icing with a few drops of green food color.

Chocolate Decorations:

  1. Using a “mermaid tail” mold, melt white chocolate, color and pour on mold. Let it dry.


  1. With a piping bag, pipe a thick outline around the edge of the donut. Dip the donut in mermaid sprinkles to fill in entire buttercream icing.
  2. With a 1M tip, pipe a rosette on top of the sprinkles and top with the mermaid tail chocolate decoration.