Pan de Muerto

Pan de Muerto


The Hispanic community will partake in their traditional fall celebration of family members who have passed soon. Día de Muertos, the multi day celebration, encompasses celebration and with that celebration comes food! Most notable of these foods is Pan de Muerto. With the slight zest of orange flavoring, this Hispanic sweet bread entails bone shaped pieces that adorn the top. The time is now, so get thinking about how you can bring this delicious treat into your bakery. BakeMark’s  Hispanic line, Trigal Dorado, offers the best of the traditional flavors without compromise.  So as we head into the season of Día de Muertos, utilize the Bizcocho Mix and bring Pan de Muerto as a way to boost your sales.

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BakeMark Products Used

Brand Product or Type SKU Link
Trigal Dorado Bizcocho Mix 30782
Trigal Dorado Margarine Purple 34942
Trigal Dorado Fresh Yeast 35179
Westco Orange Fruit-O 12445
BakeSense Spice Cinnamon Ground 73138

Alternate Products Used

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Trigal Dorado Concha Mix 48285



Prepare the Pan de Muerto dough using the recipe below.


Mix the dough using a dough hook on medium speed until it is fully developed with a finished dough temperature or 80°F for maximum flavor and volume. Let dough rest 15 minutes.


Prepare all of the pieces:

  • Bread: Scale into 4 pieces of 1 LB 4 oz. each. Round up and place on a paper lined pan (2 to 3 breads per pan).
  • Bones: Scale 12 – 2 oz. pieces for the bones. Roll the pieces by hands into thin logs long enough to be stretched across the top of each bread. Pinch the dough at 5 to 6 different places along each log to form the bones.
  • Skulls: Scale 4 – 0.5 oz. pieces. Roll them into small balls.

Brush each bread with egg wash. Stretch the long bone pieces across the entire bread, distributing them evenly and intersecting them in the middle. Place the small dough balls separately on the pans for the time being.


Proof to almost full size for 45 to 60 minutes After proofing place the skulls centered on top of each bread. Sprinkle some BakeSense Sesame Seeds if desired. Bake at 330-360°F until light golden brown for approx. 22-30 minutes depending on your oven type. After baking, coat with plain or pink granulated sugar while still warm if desired.