Fruit-O® Concentrates

Real Fruit Flavor Baked into any Treat!

Are you looking to add real fruit flavor to your batters, doughs, or icings? Your customers will savor in the actual fruit flavors beyond what you get in a concentrate or emulsion. BakeMark’s line of Fruit-O® contain a balanced level of fruit particulate, flavor, and color that will elevate the flavors in your baked goods. What is most important is, our line of Fruit-O’s® are highly concentrated to maximize flavor. Therefore, you are adding quality flavor and reducing food cost. The sweetness that comes from actual fruit will have your customers coming back for more.

Brand Product or Type SKU Qty.
Westco Banana Fruit-O 12414 1 / 12 lb
Westco Blueberry Fruit-O 12420 1 / 12 lb
Westco Cherry Fruit-O 12427 1 / 12 lb
Westco Cranberry Fruit-O 12430 1 / 12 lb
Westco Lemon Fruit-O 12439 1 / 12 lb
Westco Orange Fruit-O 12445 1 / 12 lb
Westco Pineapple Fruit-O 12451 1 / 12 lb
Westco Strawberry Fruit-O 12457 1 / 12 lb
Westco Raspberry Fruit-O 36598 1 / 12 lb
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