Apple Cranberry Fritters

Apple Cranberry Fritters


BakeMark Products Used

Brand Product or Type SKU Link
Westco Master Mix YRD Mix 09866
BakeSense Instant Yeast Red 50712
Westco Super Speedee Glaze 09401
Westco Cube Cut Apple Filling 08160
Westco Cranberry Fruit-O 12430

Alternate Products Used

Brand Product or Type SKU Link
Westco New Horizon YRD Mix 50445
Westco Sweet'N Shine Glaze 31649
Westco Apple Turnover Filling 51267



Scale 3 LB scrap dough from left-over Westco Master Mix Yeast Raised Donut Mix prepared according to the directions on the bag. Chop in 6 oz. Westco Cube Cut Apple Filling, 3 oz. Westco Cranberry Fruit-O and 4 oz. flour.


Carefully roll the mixture into 3” diameter logs. Divide into 3 oz. pieces and gently flatten on a floured bench. Place donuts on a frying screen.


  • Proof the fritters for approximately 30 minutes in a medium dry proof box.
  • Fry in a 375°F fryer for 75 seconds per side. For best results flip donuts immediately after placing them in the fryer.


Let donuts drain 30-45 seconds after removing from the fryer. Glaze while still hot with mixed up Westco Super Speedee Glaze.