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The Best Top Rated Glazes Across North America!

If you are looking to add shine and extend the shelf life of your baked goods, then don’t settle for a low grade glaze, make sure you are using the top performing line of glaze in North America! BakeMark’s line of Super Speedee Glaze is the industry leader in donut glazes and provides the brightest shine and allows you to sell donuts days later with the same great taste and texture.


Brand Product or Type SKU Qty.
Westco Super Speedee Glaze 9401 1 / 5 lb
Westco Super Speedee High Performance Glaze 30223 1 / 50 lb
Westco Sweet'n Shine High Performance Glaze 30270 1 / 50 lb
Westco Sweet'n Shine Glaze 31649 1 / 50 lb
Westco Apri-Glo Glaze 8003 1 / 18 lb
Westco Strawberry Pie Glaze 8020 1 / 20 lb
Westco Strawberry Pie Glaze 8021 1 / 38 lb
Best Brands Ready to Use Donut Glaze 58304 1 / 45 lb
Best Brands Bun Smear Icing 63004 1 / 40 lb
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Baking Tip
Super Speedee Glaze leads the Industry in shine and performance.

Baking Tip

The Best Glaze in the Industry

Make your glaze the day before. It will adhere better when the sugar fully absorbs the water. Use top quality donut glaze made with Westco Super Speedee Glaze to make glaze that lasts.