Apple Fillings

The Crisp taste of Quality Apple Fillings

The fragrance of apple pie and apple tarts in the air make the atmosphere magical. To make the best and most delicious apple pies for your family, friends, and customers, BakeMark is the name you can trust.

Whether you want sliced apples or cubed cut apples, BakeMark’s apple fillings offer the goodness of apples and a crispy fresh taste for all applications. So, the next time you make apple pie, turnover, donuts, Danishes, or cakes, make sure to use the world’s best apple fillings in your creation.

Brand Product or Type SKU Qty.
Westco Sliced Apple Filling 8145 1 / 34 lb
Westco Gold Seal Sliced Apple Filling 34172 1 / 34 lb
Westco Cube Cut Apple Filling 8160 1 / 38 lb
Best Brands Apple Pie Filling 78752 1 / 36 lb
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Baking Tip
Make sure not to create dry or soggy puff pastries, your filling is key!

Baking Tip

Picking the Correct Filling for Puff Pastries is Key

Use fillings with low water. Fillings made from dehydrated fruits will absorb steam generated from the baking puff dough and will not get mushy.