Monster Sandwich Cookies

Monster Sandwich Cookies


Ideal location in your bakery case for kitsch and eye catching treats for young foodies is below the center rack. Surely, since it will be at or below eye level, it will be sure to peak their interest. For the same reason stated in “The Secrets Behind Your Grocery Store’s Layout” from

“Leave the children at home, if possible. Otherwise “you are bound to spend more money,” Liebmann says—10 to 40 percent more”

No better time to grab the attention of sweet seeking children than in October when Halloween is quickly approaching. This Halloween cookie ideas with 3 easy and simple BakeMark ingredients,  is a perfect upsell to boost sales this month. BakeQwik Frozen Cookies delivers the traditional, home baked taste right out of the oven consistently. Now pair that with Richness of Westco’s Smooth as Silk Fudge Icing, you are sure to have a seasonal hit on your hands. The best part of this recipe is the simplicity and ease to bring a delicious offer with minimal labor time.

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BakeMark Products Used

Brand Product or Type SKU Link
BakeQwik Chocolate Chip Cookie 71386
Westco Smooth as Silk Fudge Icing 36555
Westco Vanilla Buttercreme RTU 30900



Place BakeQwik Chocolate Chips Cookies on paper lined baking trays, 12 per tray, equally spaced. Let them thaw 15-30 minutes at room temperature until soft to the touch.


Bake the BakeQwik Chocolate Chips Cookies according to the instructions on the side of the box. Let the cookies cool down.


  • After the cookies have completely cooled turn over half of the cookies. Pipe Westco Smooth As Silk Fudge Icing over the entire surface of all the upside down cookies. Place the other half of the cookies on top of the fudge icing. Press gently.
  • Using Westco Vanilla Buttercrème Icing RTU, pipe teeth on the edge of the fudge icing and 2 big dollops touching each other on the top of each cookie for the eyes. Finish by placing candy eyes on the eyeballs.