Chocolate Peppermint Cake

Chocolate Peppermint Cake

Move Over Pumpkin Spice, Bring on the Peppermint!

That is right! Fall has fallen and now you are ready to showcase your skills on Winter Holiday treats. What better flavor to represent the holiday than peppermint. As your customers get ready to attend holiday parties and get togethers, there is always the guest that brings the dessert. With the moistness of Westco’s Extra Rich Devils Food Cake Mix and some flavored Westco Buttercrème, who needs a candy cane! This cake will brighten up your display case and bring Holiday joy for as long as the season runs. Sell it by the slice of by the whole cake, whichever it is, with BakeMark products, its consistent and quality.

With BakeMark comes Quality & Versatility

BakeMark not only provides the highest quality bakery ingredients in the industry. They also provide the largest line of more versatile products as well. Letting your creative minds run wild with countless possibilities. This Chocolate Peppermint Cake is  just another example of how some simple quality products mixed together will be perfect to fill your bakery cases. Westco’s line of Extra Rich Cake Mixes delivers consistent quality cupcakes like no other cake mix! Remember, don’t sacrifice the quality in your baked goods, trust the leaders in quality, trust BakeMark. Also check out another seasonal offering to try this Holiday season with these Peppermint Chocolate Cupcakes!


BakeMark Products Used

Brand Product or Type SKU Link
Westco Extra Rich Devils Food Cake Mix 30419
Westco Vanilla Buttercrème Icing 30900
Westco Pure Peppermint Emulsion 16231




Deposit 15 oz. of batter into greased or paper lined  8″ round pans.


Bake the cakes at 325-360°F for 25-30 minutes. Invert layers immediately upon removal from the oven to prevent shrinkage and maximize shelf life. Let the cakes cool down completely. Place the cakes in the freezer overnight.


Tint some Westco Vanilla Buttercrème Icing Christmas green with liquid gels. After the cupcakes have cooled, use a piping bag with a large star tip to pipe a tree on the top of each cupcake. Sprinkle topping mix on top. Finish by placing a fondant star on the top of each icing tree.