HI-Ratio Cake Mixes

The Perfect Cake for Any Celebration

Cakes add a delicious touch to festivities, birthdays, or any celebrations. Sometimes, all you need is a cake to uplift a party’s menu. BakeMark takes pride in formulating the best cake mixes with the perfect blend of flavor, texture, volume, and consistency.

With BakeMark’s Hi-ratio cake mixes, you need not worry about the consistency of crumb texture as you will get top quality cupcakes or cakes every time.

The moist and consistent mixes give you more time to create stunning cakes that your customers expect. From white cake to yellow cake to chocolate and red velvet cake, you will find the best cake mixes here.

Brand Product or Type SKU Qty.
Westco Extra Rich White Cake Mix 30420 1 / 50 lb
Westco Extra Rich Devils Food Cake Mix 30419 1 / 50 lb
Westco Extra Rich Yellow Cake Mix 30418 1 / 50 lb
Best Brands Pride White Cake Mix 71671 1 / 50 lb
Best Brands Pride Chocolate Cake Mix 71672 1 / 50 lb
Best Brands Pride Yellow Cake Mix 71683 1 / 50 lb
Westco Red Velvet Cake Mix 31712 1 / 50 lb
Westco Complete Carrot Cake Mix 31598 1 / 50 lb
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Baking Tip
Moist and delicious cakes made with quality BakeMark Hi-Ratio cake mixes.

Baking Tip

Making cakes from scratch requires scaling of ten or more ingredients. This increases labor costs and the potential for scaling errors.

BakeMark cake mixes only require two additional ingredients, reducing those risks.

  • Baking temperature in a rack or convection oven should be 320-335°F. In a reel, or conventional oven, the temperature should be 350-365°F.
  • Cakes should be inverted (turned upside down) immediately after removal from the oven to trap moisture, prevent shrinkage and to retain straight sidewalls. Inverted cakes will require less trimming and less icing to finish them. They will also have a longer shelf life