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Let’s Give ‘Em Pumpkin to Talk About

Halloween costumes are already popping up in stores all over the place along with fall colored decorations. So while it may not seem like it…it’ll be pumpkin spice season before you know it!

It might be hard to believe being the middle of August, but based on a USA Today Article from just this month, it has stated that major bakery retailers are launching their pumpkin spice menus as early as August 18th!

Pumpkin Spice beyond the Latte

One of the main draws of pumpkin spice always seems to be the now-famous pumpkin spice latte, or PSL for those “in the know.” But as a baker, you already know that pumpkin spice season goes far beyond a simple latte.

So many options…

With BakeMark, you already know you have so many options that you’ll find yourself wondering where to start. That’s not a bad thing! With the pumpkin spice season rapidly approaching, your first focus should be to decide exactly what your offerings will be this fall.

Start with our BakeSense Canned Pumpkin and BakeSense Canned Pumpkin Pie Spice. Pairing these with BakeMark’s line of bakery mixes, your creativity can run wild to fill your bakery case this year.

From donuts to breads to pies, there’s something for everyone!

We’re already well known for our versatile donut mixes, so use what we’ve got to offer pumpkin donuts to start your customers’ days off with just a delicious bite of fall flavor. If that’s not really their style, there could always be a delicious slice of pumpkin bread made with Knoxbridge Mills Flour with their name on it.

It wouldn’t be fall without the classic pumpkin pie, but have you ever considered offering full size AND mini pumpkin pies? It’s easy as pie (pun intended!) with our Westco Snot Block Crust Base! Simply prep the crust in whatever size pie pan you’d like. Next, prep your filling using BakeSense Canned Pumpkin, and watch your sales climb.

Mini pies are perfect for kids, people who don’t have a whole family to feed, and more! These mini pies could easily be marketed as a perfect fall wedding “cake” option – think a mini pie tower in place of cupcakes!

BakeMark’s Versatility Makes it Easy

With all the options available from BakeMark, the pumpkin spice world is right at your fingertips! Create donuts, cakes, breads, pies, and cookies…or think outside the box and create something all your own. Don’t shortchange the quality of your products this fall. Remember, BakeMark offers quality and versatility all in one, so get out there and create your own pumpkin spice paradise!

About BakeMark

Based in Pico Rivera, CA, BakeMark is the recognized market leader in the baking industry, as a manufacturer and distributor of bakery ingredients, products and supplies. BakeMark serves North America and customers internationally across all industry channels with its comprehensive product portfolio, including bakery mixes, fillings, icings, glazes, commodities, frozen products and bakery supplies. BakeMark is the exclusive distributor of some of the industry’s top brands, including Westco, BakeSense, Best Brands, Multifoods, BakeQwik, Trigal Dorado, C’est Vivant and Sprinkelina, operating through 6 manufacturing plants and over 33 distribution centers located across North America. Please visit www.bakemark.com for more information.

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