Snot Block

Deliciously Innovative.

When it comes to bakery innovation, no one delivers innovative solutions that create value quite like BakeMark. And for the latest in pastry innovation, look no further than Snot Block™. It’s new, it’s versatile – it’s delicious! Made by combining crispy crust layers and delicious crème filling, Snot Block offers a new sweet treat that is perfect for any sweet craving. It’s also easy-to-make and very versatile, as you can go with a vanilla crème Snot Block, or try a rich chocolate Snot Block or even a tropical mango Snot Block. Let your creativity run wild, as Snot Block can be customized to offer sweet innovation all year-round.

Brand Product or Type SKU Qty.
Westco Snot Block Crust Base 30681 1 / 25 lb
Westco Westco Snot Block Crème Filling Mix 30682 1 / 25 lb
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