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Here are the answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions donut shop bakers may encounter every day: 

Q.    Which side of raised rounds should be glazed? 

You will actually glaze the bottom side of the product that’s sitting on the raised screen as you drop it into the fryer.  Remember, it is very important to turn your raised product only once after you put it into the shortening.  Use these same procedures when handling iced and sugar rounds. 

Q.   Sometimes, my old-fashioned bars don’t split as well as they should.  Is this caused by improper mixing?   

No.  Mixing really doesn’t affect the split of old-fashioned product.  Most of the time, incorrect submersion is to blame.  If you don’t float them off the screen during the first minute of frying, they won’t split nicely for you.

Q.   What is the maximum time you can keep a pot of coffee on the burner?       

We suggest thirty minutes – any longer, and brewed coffee starts tasting bitter.  Fresh coffee is a very important element of every bakery and donut shop.  You’re competing with a myriad of “specialty coffee houses,” so your hot beverages must measure up.  Remember:  they don’t have the same quality of baked goods as you, so you have an advantage as long as your coffee is fresh and delicious! 

Q.   What is a good way to keep my donut tree clean during the day?       

It’s always a good practice to keep the drip pan two rungs below the last screen of donuts on the tree.  This keeps the drops of glaze and icing in a limited area and your tree a lot cleaner. 

Q.   Why do my donuts turn white or cloudy after glazing?                     

White or cloudy glaze often results from glazing your raised product when it is too cold.  Raised product should be nice and warm to give a shiny, glossy glazed surface.  Remember, too, to mix your glaze with a paddle … not the whip! 

Ask your BakeMark Sales Representative about these or any technical question you may encounter about baking or the operation of your shop.   He or she has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and access to resources of an industry leader like BakeMark.  Always remember:  BakeMark is here to help.

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