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BakeMark Celebrates Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a holiday celebrated annually in the Mexican culture. This day is not to mourn over the dead, but rather to celebrate those people who have passed on. What better way to celebrate than with food which is a large part of this yearly celebration.

Day of the Dead baking traditions

One of the most widely known symbols of Dia de los Muertos is the sugar skull, a candy shared in celebration of the holiday. Another tradition for this celebration is Pan de Muerto, otherwise known as the Bread of the Dead. Traditionally, Pan de Muerto is decorated with bone like dough pieces on top. This is a sweet bread with many varieties using different colors and designs. But whatever twist you decide to put on it, the traditional bread is one that certainly appeals to the masses.  

With the help of BakeMark’s Trigal Dorado line, we’ll have you baking up Pan de Muerto in no time. You’ll be helping your customers celebrate this special and traditional holiday in no time! It’s as easy as adding water, yeast and margarine to the mixes and popping them into the oven. With the demand you will have, this time saving mix will deliver consistent, quality, authentic Pan de Muerto.

We have an array of traditional Hispanic bread mixes to choose from. From bizcocho to mantecadas, all of these delicious treats will have your customers smiling with delight. They can now purchase any traditional holiday baked goods directly from you.

Keeping Hispanic Traditions Alive

We recognize that food truly brings people together and often times is the cornerstone for many cultural traditions. BakeMark strives to help keep these important Hispanic traditions alive, and that’s a huge reason why we are so proud to offer our Hispanic mixes in our Trigal Dorado line. Not every baker is intimately familiar with Hispanic and Mexican baking traditions, but our Trigal Dorado line makes it simple without sacrificing quality, and provides the authentic flavors so you can give your community the bread they can continue breaking together.

Remember to Check with BakeMark First!

Always remember that BakeMark is here to help, no matter what the project is – from traditional cakes and icings to donuts, to traditional Hispanic baked goods. We offer a full lineup of great options to help your bakery grow and satisfy your customers at the same time. Reach out to your BakeMark rep today for more information!

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