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OPEN FOR BUSINESS Steady As She Goes – Aye, Aye, Captain!

Have you ever been on an open-sea, vacation cruise?  Even if you haven’t, you can imagine what it takes to get the cruise ship ready for any voyage.  As the United States and the world embark on our journey back to normalcy, the comparison of a bakery or donut shop to a sea cruise is striking.

THE CAPTAIN (That’s You)

Be sure to carefully chart your course.  If you accelerate too quickly, your ship will lurch.  Instead, create a targeted bake schedule with a number of small bakes throughout the day to provide fresh product and reduced food cost waste.  You will experience a new normal, so, as Captain of the ship, you’ll need to constantly monitor customer count and purchasing tendencies. 

THE SHIP (Your Shop) 

Your shop must be “ship shape” to greet returning customers to their new normal routines.  Clean and sanitize your store in even the most out-of-the-way crevices and behind even the largest piece of equipment.  Advertise your commitment to cleanliness with BakeMark posters – COME ON IN and HELPFUL TIPS (available in both English and Spanish) from your BakeMark Sales Rep. 


Take your passengers (customers) on culinary journeys with your fresh, delicious products.  For example, Westco’s new Mauisada Mix creates a scrumptious tropical tour with authentic flavors, textures, and the romance of Hawaii in every bite.     Work with your BakeMark Sales Representative to post new, fresh “travel posters” of delicious products now available.


Remember that it takes miles to turn a cruise ship and gather momentum for a sea cruise.  Although we’re “Open For Business” in most states, bakeries and donut shops  need to be safe and cautious as the economy ramps up and our lives return to normal.  Your BakeMark Sales Representative will be happy to supply various posters to help you reopen carefully – just ask what’s available.  Have a safe voyage. 

It’s a proud time to be in the baking industry and supporting the health and well-being of our customers during this crisis.  Talk to your BakeMark Representative about point-of-sale materials that convey your shop’s ability to deliver fresh product throughout the day.  Stay safe, and let’s get through this together.  Always remember:  BakeMark is here to help.

About BakeMark

Based in Pico Rivera, CA, BakeMark is the recognized market leader in the baking industry, as a manufacturer and distributor of bakery ingredients, products and supplies. BakeMark serves North America and customers internationally across all industry channels with its comprehensive product portfolio, including bakery mixes, fillings, icings, glazes, commodities, frozen products and bakery supplies. BakeMark is the exclusive distributor of some of the industry’s top brands, including Westco, BakeSense, Best Brands, Multifoods, BakeQwik, Trigal Dorado, C’est Vivant and Sprinkelina, operating through 6 manufacturing plants and over 33 distribution centers located across North America. Please visit www.bakemark.com for more information.

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