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Donut Mixes

Perfectly Blended for Bakers, We Know Donut Mixes!

These delicious, sweet circles…whether they evoke childhood memories of iced, filled, and sprinkled masterpieces, or they bring back fond memories of sitting in a bakery, enjoying a donut and coffee with friends, donuts have a special place in the hearts of many.

And, regardless of what anyone has told you, or what you’ve experienced in the past, donuts don’t have to be complicated. 

In fact, with BakeMark’s donut mixes, there’s nothing complicated about donuts at all.


When we say that our donut mixes make it easy, we have thousands of donut shops that can back us up on that! BakeMark has been leading the way for the entire industry for over 120 years, and that combined with our thousands of happy customers speaks volumes about what we can do for you.

BakeMark is the only company that can offer you a wide variety of donut mixes from leading brands like Westco, Multifoods, and Best Brands. Our variety and reputation speak for themselves!


You know you deserve the best, highest quality ingredients, and your customers deserve the most delectable baked goods in town. And you can have both – with BakeMark.

BakeMark’s donut mixes contain the highest quality ingredients to enhance the flavor of your final product. Utilizing the highest quality milk and egg products, our mixes are formulated to bring the best flavor and texture to your donuts. BakeMark’s mixes are blended with you and the end consumer in mind!

It doesn’t matter if your bakery sells yeast donuts, cake donuts, or both because BakeMark has many options to suit all your needs. We even offer specialty donuts like potato and vegan options. And the best part? You’ll never sacrifice quality for consistency again!


We know that our donut mixes will give you an edge over the competition. Our product is less susceptible to over proofing or over mixing, providing you with the correct consistency, bite after bite. Not only that, with consistent proofing, your donuts will have irresistible visual appeal and fly right out of the bakery case as a result. 

The variety of mixes we have to offer are amazing, but some of our customer favorites are:

  • Master Mix – the industries richest yeast raised donut mix
  • Sup-R-Roll – a rich yeast raised donut mix that is easy to roll out
  • 1440 – the industries most forgiving mix that is easy to roll out or machine


Each of these mixes is a favorite for different reasons. Our Master Mix has the richest flavor and the highest quality milk and egg content. In fact, this mix is industry-leading as no competitor has anything that even comes close to what this mix produces!

Formulated for its ease of rolling out, Sup-R-Roll gives you a high volume, tender eating donut. It’s the best of both worlds!

Our 1440 mix is amazing if you have automated equipment making your donuts. The mix is formulated perfectly for use in in-store bakeries or in a wholesale environment where speed is key. This mix not only is formulated to run on your automated equipment, but also requires less rest time following cutting, which helps to keep product flowing consistently.

Your donuts will stay perfectly fresh all day long with our mixes. We know that “time to make the donuts” is likely pretty early in the morning, but you want your product to stay fresh all day – donuts don’t just have to be for breakfast after all! Delight your customers with donuts that are as fresh at 3 PM as they were at 8 AM!


It doesn’t matter how big or small your operation is, we have a mix that will be perfect for you! We formulate donut mixes that can be used by small bakeries, in-store grocery bakeries, and even wholesale operations. No matter the size of your shop, we can help you with mixes that will give you amazing results while also producing a high-quality, consistent product, time after time.

BakeMark also offers specialty mixes like potato donuts and vegan donuts! We know that your customers may have different needs and tastes, and we strive to help you satisfy each and every one of them.


Mixes from BakeMark will not only drive quality and consistency in your business but with 25 locations across the United States and Canada, we are close by to assist and assess the needs of your specific business. With world-class training and support from our team of donut experts, you just can’t go wrong making the choice to work with BakeMark. 

Convinced yet? Find the mix that work best for you and contact your BakeMark Sales Representative or Contact us Today.

About BakeMark

Based in Pico Rivera, CA, BakeMark is the recognized market leader in the baking industry, as a manufacturer and distributor of bakery ingredients, products and supplies. BakeMark serves North America and customers internationally across all industry channels with its comprehensive product portfolio, including bakery mixes, fillings, icings, glazes, commodities, frozen products and bakery supplies. BakeMark is the exclusive distributor of some of the industry’s top brands, including Westco, BakeSense, Best Brands, Multifoods, BakeQwik, Trigal Dorado, C’est Vivant and Sprinkelina, operating through 6 manufacturing plants and over 33 distribution centers located across North America. Please visit www.bakemark.com for more information.

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