Crème Cake Mixes

The Qualty and Versatility of BakeMark Crème Cake Mixes

The moist texture, the rich flavor, and the divine taste make crème cakes a top favorite of dessert-lovers. You will find crème cakes in many bakeries and donut shops.

It is a combination of a high ratio cake type batter and custard or pudding (now you know why it is called crème cake).

BakeMark offers the perfect crème cake mixes for bakers. You can use the mix for all types of baking needs, including loaf cakes, ring cakes, and even cookies.

Brand Product or Type SKU Qty.
Westco Westco Ultra Rich Crème Cake Mix 11644 1 / 50 lb
Westco Pud'N Crème Cake Mix 09910 1 / 30 lb
Multifoods Supreme Crème Cake Base 78669 1 / 50 lb
Westco Classic Crème Cake Mix 315191 1 / 50 lb
Westco Classic Chocolate Crème Cake Mix 31606 1 / 30 lb
Westco Chocolate Crème Cake Mix 11608 1 / 30 lb
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