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For years, Australians have developed and perfected a dessert phenomenon known as Snot Block, and it has been a virtual global secret until now. Now, BakeMark has not only fallen in love with it, but we’ve made it our own so you can easily produce and sell in your shop. It’s a delicious, versatile pastry product (crispy crust and delicious crème filling) that brings tremendous opportunity for growth to your product lineup. Market it correctly in your shop, and the resulting sales and profits could soar. Here are a few marketing tips:


Be prepared! “What the heck is Snot Block?” Your customers are going to ask that question over and over and over again once you have hung your posters, arranged product in your display case, and have shelf-talkers in place. And that’s where good marketing follow-up begins. Advertising agencies spend countless billions of dollars to gain memorable “name recognition.” With Snot Block, BakeMark gives you a product with built-in name recognition. Be sure your bakers and sales clerks know the rich Australian history. It’s a great conversation-starter (just have them Google it) that can easily lead to an impulse buy. Take advantage of the opportunity and turn the name “Snot Block” into long-term sales and profit


Okay. So, once your customer sees the “Snot Block” poster (ask your BakeMark Sales Representative) and product in your display case, it’s time to “set the hook.” Yes, the product looks great, but the flavor and texture are stunningly light, delicate, and delicious. How can you capitalize on the senses? Simple. SAMPLE. In the age of Covid-19, don’t set out a plate of samples on your counter as in the past. Instead, cut small one-inch cubes and serve them from in your display case in paper baking cups. Ask every customer if he or she would like to try the new dessert sensation. Once you get Snot Block into your customers’ mouths, the product will sell itself. Irresistible. Unique. Delicious. By the way, be sure you freeze it and your knife is VERY sharp to prepare perfectly-cut, bite-sized samples


Snot Block is an excellent, premium dessert extension item. It brings the availability of lunch and dinner desserts into every bakery, donut shop, and panaderia. “Would you like to take a couple of slices of Snot Block home for dessert tonight?” It’s easy to recommend an item of this quality for any lunch or dinner occasion. Whats great is that Snot Block is delicious in the traditional flavor (vanilla crème filling with white and chocolate icing), AND it can be easily customized to introduce new, seasonal flavors (Strawberry Snot Block, anyone?). Once your customers like the concept, they’ll be eager to try new varieties.


Establish the perfect price point for a dynamic new dessert item. Find the best place to hang your posters. Tips for making Snot Block Crust Base or Westco Snot Block Crème Filling. Develop Vanilla Crème, Chocolate, or Mango varieties into your production schedule. These are all important decisions that your BakeMark Sales Representative understands and can recommend answers for you and your shop.

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