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#mauisadamoments MEANS MORE THAN “ALOHA”

A Trip To The Islands Creates Sales & Profits For You! 

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How easy can it be?  BakeMark has created an entire incentive promotion around building sales and profits for your store – the “Mauisada Moments” (#mauisadamoments) challenge – based on a trip to Hawaii for one lucky customer.The more fun and excitement you build into this promotion for your customers, the stronger your daily business will become.  Make sure you have plenty of fresh, delicious Mauisadas prominently featured in your display case every morning.  And then … the fun begins!  


When you or your staff sells even a single Mauisada, be sure to emphasize the rules of the contest and the chance to win.  It’s as easy as this: 

  1. Buy some Mauisadas
    • Be sure to give them a purchase receipt, and tell them to keep it in a safe place, because proof of purchase is required for contest eligibility. 
  2. Take photos and selfies of how they and their family / friends enjoy the Mauisadas. 
    • The more creative and inspiring your entry is, then the better your chances are of winning!
  3. Pictures must be posted to Facebook or Instagram
    • Tag @bakemark.  Required. 
    • Use #mauisadamoments hashtag.  Required. 
  4. The “Mauisada Moments” challenge ends on September 22, 2020. 
    • The deadline will be here before you know it so make sure to reate and send entries NOW!!! 


Of course, the more you do to create a tropical environment in your store and in your display of Mauisadas, the easier it will be to create the mental image of a trip to Hawaii.  Be sure your salesclerks to suggest delicious Mauisadas and the Mauisada Moments Challenge to those who buy Mauisadas – and, most importantly – to those who don’t. 


Look at these marketing materials available to help you sell Mauisadas in your shop:  1) window posters;  2) counter card / table tent;  3) merchandising kit (includes colorful leis, palm tree centerpiece, tropical leaves, grass skirt for display); 4)  Gloss coated color imprinted Mauisada product box;  5)  Mauisada Moments stickers for bags and boxes; 6) the Mauisada Moments incentive program itself;  and 7) the valuable experience and knowledge of your BakeMark Sales Representative. 

Talk to your BakeMark Sales Representative about Mauisada product, point-of-sale, incentive program, and other p.o.s. that convey your store’s ability to deliver fresh product and new ideas throughout the day, because even in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic! Always remember:  BakeMark is here to help.

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