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Bakery Display

Bakery Display


Your Customers Will Love The Results

What do your customers and first-time visitors think of your store? Or more importantly, your bakery display.  Here’s a quick and easy way to ensure that the image you portray is the image of a business worthy of their hard-earned cash.  Impress yourself! 

Pretend you ARE the customer whenever you get a chance.  It’s easy and can be very revealing.   


Bakery Mixes

1. Step out from behind the counter after you have set your product trays, and look at your Bakery Display case as if you’re hungry for delicious baked goods! First off,  Do you like what you see?   Be  sure that what the customer sees is perfect and tempting:  that the product in the front row looks awesome;  that the case is well organized.  Secondly, do you have colorful sprinkles and iced product on lower racks to appeal to kids;  that your premium product is prominently displayed for higher ticket sales;  that the glass is clean and there are no loose crumbs or other debris;  and, in furthermore, that your case is professional and the best presentation possible.  Impress yourself!

2. Take some time each week to look at your shop’s exterior through the eyes of an arriving customer. For Instance,  Stand in the parking lot and look at your signage:  are your product posters bright and attractive? Are the windows clean and the sidewalk free of litter?  Do you have a trash can outside? Keep it maintained, and make sure it is emptied periodically?  After all, your store’s OUTSIDE must reflect the care you take to provide high quality, outstanding product INSIDE.  You should be your own best critic.  Impress yourself!


Viewing your day-to-day workplace as if you were a visiting customer can reveal areas needing  improvement and things that you really like, so it’s worth your while to see what they see.  Work with your BakeMark Sales Rep to make sure your posters are current and in perfect condition; that your product offering is on-trend; and that you are using all the professional knowledge he or she can provide based on years of experience, knowledge, and all the resources BakeMark has to offer.  Impress yourself.  Your customers will love the results.

About BakeMark

Based in Pico Rivera, CA, BakeMark is the recognized market leader in the baking industry, as a manufacturer and distributor of bakery ingredients, products and supplies. BakeMark serves North America and customers internationally across all industry channels with its comprehensive product portfolio, including bakery mixes, fillings, icings, glazes, commodities, frozen products and bakery supplies. BakeMark is the exclusive distributor of some of the industry’s top brands, including Westco, BakeSense, Best Brands, Multifoods, BakeQwik, Trigal Dorado, C’est Vivant and Sprinkelina, operating through 6 manufacturing plants and over 33 distribution centers located across North America. Please visit www.bakemark.com for more information.

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