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Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage with BakeMark!

National Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15. BakeMark has just what you need to help your customers celebrate in style this year!

Rich Hispanic Flavors

The Hispanic culture has many fabulous flavors (and colors!). BakeMark’s Trigal Dorado line can help you whip up just about any of those traditional, beautiful pastries. Pastries beloved by all who appreciate sweet breads and festive treats. Not only can BakeMark offer you the rich flavors of what Hispanic pastries hold, we also provide you with easy-to-use mixes that deliver the authentic flavors to your customers.

Authentic Hispanic Flavors

As mentioned, BakeMark’s Trigal Dorado line offers the most diverse line of products that give you amazing flavors, all with the ease of use you’ve become accustomed to with BakeMark! And what better way to honor National Hispanic Heritage Month than to bring into your shops some favorites that make up your local Panaderias? We offer mixes for Conchas, Tres Leches, Pan Fino, Danes, Guayaba, and so much more!

Another popular favorite is the beloved churro. Our Trigal Dorado thaw-and-serve churros can help you gain even more sales while satisfying popular demands. They even come with fillings for that extra kick in flavor. How about some traditional flan? We’ve got a flan-tastic mix to serve some up!

Are your customers looking for muffins with a Hispanic flair? We’ve got you covered with our Trigal Dorado Mantecada de Mantequilla Mix. It’s easy to use and delivers consistent results. If it’s not muffins they’re craving, maybe it’s cookies. In that case, our Trigal Dorado Galleta & Polvoron Mix can come to the rescue.

Let’s not forget the largest fillings portfolio on the market! Our Westco, Best Brands and Trigal Dorado fillings are made with real fruit and are sure to please the taste buds. You can fill your pastries with guava, mango or dulce de leche just to name a few. Each bite your customer takes will leave them wanting more!

Quality & Versatility

As with all BakeMark products, you aren’t going to sacrifice quality for ease of use with any of these mixes. You’ll be able to offer the authentic flavors with the same quality and versatility that you’re already used to with BakeMark. You also have the advantage of having such a wide portfolio of products right at your fingertips to offer amazing Hispanic baked goods and desserts. With everything BakeMark can offer you to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, why look anywhere else?

Contact your BakeMark rep today to discuss your options and have product ready to go in plenty of time for this National celebration of Hispanic heritage.

About BakeMark

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