Non-Fruit Fillings

Quality Fillings in All Different Varieties of Flavors.

BakeMark is a name that you can trust every day for all your baking needs, including scintillating non-fruit fillings. Whether your recipe calls for a silky caramel filling or sweet crème, BakeMark has the highest quality fillings for all types of applications.

All exotic non-fruit fillings, such as the Bavarian Crème filling and flavorful cheese filling, have a distinct flavor. When you bite into a Danish, donut, pastry, or any other baked goods, you will taste the deliciousness of BakeMark fillings.

Brand Product or Type SKU Qty.
Westco Bavarian Crème Filling 11936 1 / 36 lb
Westco Gourmet Bavarian Crème Filling 34400 1 / 36 lb
Westco Flavorful Cheese Filling 31617 1 / 38 lb
Best Brands Bavarian Crème Filling 78729
Trigal Dorado Dulce de Leche Topping 8000 1 / 20 lb
Trigal Dorado Cajeta Horneable 30863 5 / 2.2 lb
Trigal Dorado Dulce de Leche, Repostero 30867 1 / 25 lb
Trigal Dorado Dulce de Leche Bakestable 30884 1 / 38 lb
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