The Finest Flour for the Finest Bakery Creations.

Since the art of baking was first practiced, flour has been the essential ingredient that has kept the art form alive and well. For thousands of years, bakers have relied on top quality flour for their artisan creations, since the quality of the finished product is a reflection on their skill and passion.

Today is no different. Bakers know it all starts with quality flour, and that is what the Knoxbridge Mills line of quality flour offers. Knoxbridge Mills flour combines the heritage and love for wheat farming with the passion for baking to deliver to you the finest flour for the finest bakery creations.

Baking Tip
Flour is Foundation of Baking in and bakery.

Baking Tip

The Foundation of Your Baking, Flour!

Flour can be made from any grain, but glutenin only comes from the wheat grain. If this is the case:

  • 70% Bread Flour must be used to make a decent loaf of bread
  • 30% “Flavored” flour can be used to add more flavor (Pumpernickel Flour, Rye Flour, or any other type of grain)