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The best brownie is the one that melts in your mouth; a dark, fudgy brownie uplifts your mood. It is one of the fastest-growing bakery products around the world. Whether you make dark fudgy brownies or cake-like brownies, BakeMark offers the right mix for the delicious brownies your customers want.

BakeMark does not use artificial colors or flavors in the mix. All you have to do is add some water and oil in the mix for the batter. Use the time to make stunning signature brownies by adding nuts, fruits, and sprinkles on the top.

Brand Product or Type SKU Qty.
Westco Brownie Mix 31584 1 / 50 lb
Westco Gourmet Brownie Mix 48240 1 / 50 lb
Westco Extra Moist Brownie Mix 48235 1 / 50 lb
Westco Macaroon Cookie Mix 9944 1 / 50 lb
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Baking Tip
Easy to make and delicious to eat!

Baking Tip

Looking to Enrich your Brownies?

To make an add oil and water mix even fudgier add 3-5% invert sugar syrup to the dry mix weight. To make an add oil and water mix cake like substitute whole eggs for some of the water in the formula or substitute solid fat for some of the oil. To avoid the flaky crust on top spray the top lightly with water before baking, or add a pan of water to the oven to create a more humid baking environment.