Bread Mixes

Quality Ingredients Artisan Bread Bakers Trust.

BakeMark has become a household name for its golden quality standard and excellence in baking. With more than 100 years of experience, BakeMark provides high-quality ingredients for artisan  bread making.

Look no further than Westco® and Best Brands® for a wide range of mixes, bases, and improvers. The product line of artisan bread ingredients provides quality, consistency, and convenience. It enables you to add your artisan touch and make signature bread for your customers.

Brand Product or Type SKU Qty.
Westco Artisan Crusty Bread Base 38133 1 / 50 lb
Westco Artisan Multi-7 Grain Bread Mix 38137 1 / 50 lb
Westco Rye-50 Bread Base 38138 1 / 50 lb
Westco Artisan CA Sourdough Bread Base 38140 1 / 50 lb
Best Brands Sourdough Bread Mix 78719 1 / 50 lb
Westco Best Bagel Base 38143 1 / 50 lb
Best Brands Supersoft Bun Base 71591 1 / 50 lb
Westco TEAM Improve 38132 1 / 50 lb
Westco TEAM Soft 38136 1 / 50 lb
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Baking Tip
How you store and sell your breads in, makes a difference.

Baking Tip

How you Store and Sell your Breads Make a Difference!

Crisp crusted breads should be stored in enclosed paper bags to maintain the crisp crust. Soft breads should be stored sealed in plastic bags to retain the soft texture.