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Vigilant Cleaning and Filtering Of Your Donut Shortening Makes A Huge Difference

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When it comes to the best donut shortening, BakeMark is your go to. Now keeping the donut shortening in your fryer clean and filtered is a very easy way to improve the quality of your product and keep your customers coming back for more. It’s easy to say but sometimes harder to implement because the end product looks the same whether or not it’s cleaned and filtered. Here are a few answers to questions you may be asking about shortening:

Q. Can clean donut shortening mean higher profits for me?

A. Absolutely. Here are some of the ways clean shortening can increase your profits:

  • Clean shortening is not absorbed into your product as much as unfiltered shortening. In a year’s time the shortening savings can really add up.
  • Clean shortening fries off faster. Your product will not take as long to bake, and the labor savings can be substantial in the long run.
  • Donuts fried in clean shortening taste better and look better. Your customers will like the taste and appearance. They’ll come back for more!
Q. How many times a day should I filter my shortening?

A. You should filter your donut shortening at least once a day. The time involved in filtering varies from store to store because of different bake sizes. Ask your BakeMark Sales Representative for suggestions.

Q. What is the difference between cleaning and filtering my donut shortening?

A. The difference is simple. Cleaning your shortening removes particles and remnants, whereas filtering absorbs and removes fatty acids you can’t see. When the fatty acids are removed, there is less chance your shortening will smoke or smell, and your product will taste better as a result.

Q. Why do my donuts have a seafood aftertaste?

A. Be sure your bakers know that the fryer is for donut products only. Deep frying shrimp (or anything other than donuts) for lunch or a late snack has to be forbidden!

best shortening for frying donuts


Your BakeMark Sales Representative knows the best shortening for frying donuts and the value of clean, filtered donut shortening and can help you determine the best schedules and techniques for your shop. This knowledge and advice come to you in-person – not from a computer program – so the advice you receive applies directly to your real bakery, your actual customer base, and your actual product offering.

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