It’s Sprinkling Summer Sales & Profits

It’s Sprinkling Summer Sales & Profits

Add Color, Variety, Sales, and Profits to Your Display Case

This year, adding incremental profit margins to your display case is as easy as adding Sprinkelina Summer Toppings to your everyday product lineup.  Really!  BakeMark has created a complete line of sprinkles, nonpareil, sequins, confetti, and glitter to help you increase the profitability of your display case.  Simple labor.  Beautiful, themed colors.  And inexpensive ingredients will turn your simple products into value-added premium dessert and holiday items.

Summer Sprinkles

Fourth of July

Of course, Independence Day (4th of July) is the big holiday of the summer.  To help you prepare products that your customers will celebrate, Sprinkelina brings you:

  • Patriotic Sprinkle mix
  • American Flag Sprinkle Blend
  • Patriotic Nonpareils Mix
  • Patriotic Star Shape Mix
  • Strawberry Pink Glitter Glaze
  • Blueberry Blue Glitter Glaze

Even More Summer Fun

Summer is full of festive opportunities for themed baked goods. Sprinkelina is here to help you make the most of summertime activities – not to mention creative birthday celebrations, day hikes, family picnics, business meetings, or fundraisers! 

•  How about an “Under The Sea” display featuring Mermaid Premium Sprinkle Blend?  Decorate cake donuts, cupcakes, and layer cakes to create sea-oriented beautiful bakery creations and themed display case? 

•  “Magical Mystical Display” using Sprinkelina Unicorn Premium Sprinkle Blend to decorate even the simplest iced baked goods turning them into fun-filled, fantasy    display. 

• Use Carnival Sprinkle Mix, Pastel Sequin Shapes Mix, and Pastel Confetti Shapes Mix as a permanent alternative to fill your display case with color and festivity.  Turn simple baked goods into special, premium desserts!

Even More Sprinkelina Tips?

Of course, your BakeMark Sales Representative is always a valuable resource for anything to do with your bakery or donut shop, and ideas for easy-yet-effective decorations featuring Sprinkelina toppings is one of them.  He or she has both personal experience and endless information and programs from BakeMark

Always remember:  BakeMark is here to help! 

Sprinkling the Spooky Season Around

Sprinkling the Spooky Season Around

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes an abundance of candy. This doesn’t mean it can’t also come with baked goods too!

Spooky Treats

Not all spooky treats are found in trick or treat bags. BakeMark can help you make treats that will have your customers screaming with delight. Your creativity will be flowing freely with all the amazing options at your fingertips, and before you know it, people will be lining up to “trick or treat” your deliciously spooky Halloween treats!

Sprinkles make it special

BakeMark’s line of special holiday Sprinkelina sprinkles will make you wonder why you ever went anywhere else for decorations. With countless colorful options, these sprinkles are bound to make your bakery the talk of the town. They’ll add a fun & festive pop to any of the baked goods you have to offer and will enhance spooky season for everyone who walks through the door of your shop!

You can choose from our our brand new Wizardly Blend for some added shapes and colors, our Spooky Mix to add some pop to your creations, and our Classic Halloween Mix of orange and black- the signature October 31st colors.

Fun & Festive

You already know that BakeMark offers you great products that help you give your customers the quality every-day classics they crave. And of course, you’re more than familiar with the quality of our ingredients that save you time and hassle of making everything from scratch.

But, did you know that BakeMark can also help you with new easy recipes? It’s true!

For instance, check out this festive recipe for an impressive Halloween dessert, the Halloween Ring Cake. This easy-to-make recipe will bring ooh’s and ahh’s to your bakery case with some spooky fun baked right in! Using just a handful of BakeMark’s signature ingredients, you’ll have some festive fun baked up in no time at all.

The best part of running a bakery is seeing the reactions of your customers to what you’ve created! Halloween is one of those holidays that can bring out the child-like wonder in all of us, so let BakeMark help you create something that will do just that!

At the end of the day, you can trust us to help your business grow. No tricks, just treats!

Fall is All About the Color!

Fall is All About the Color!

The onset of fall brings many things: cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice everything, and vibrant colors everywhere you look! Why should your bakery’s fall cookie selection be any different than the trees outside?

Spice it Up with Sprinkelina

Maybe you didn’t know it, but BakeMark is more than just top-quality baking mixes, fillings and icings.. We also offer everything you need to finish off those delicious baked goods in a festive way! Our entire lineup of Sprinkelina sprinkles and toppings will help any bakery breathe colorful fall life into their cookie display cases.

Fun & Festive

With BakeMark’s fun & festive Halloween and Fall Sprinkelina lineup, you don’t have to look anywhere else to get exactly what you are looking for this season. Is it simple you’re looking for? We’ve got red, orange, yellow, black, purple, and dark chocolate sprinkles perfect to help celebrate the fall and Halloween seasons.

If it’s something a little fancier you’re looking for, we feature several mixes like our Autumn mix and Halloween mix, both mixtures of colors like orange, yellow, black, and brown. Not only that, we also feature a Spooky Mix which is perfect for Halloween with orange, purple, black, and white. A fan favorite is nonpareils, and we also offer a fall mix of those in yellow, orange, and brown.

Confetti Mixes & More Sparkle!

The lineup doesn’t end there, though! We feature 4 different colors of twinkle pearls to delight those who love sparkle and shine – they are available in red, orange, yellow, and purple! These can be used during the fall season and even into Christmas and beyond, just think of all the uses for them!

Speaking of shimmer and shine, BakeMark is also proud to supply glitter glazes that are perfect for cookies this fall season. These come in great fall colors like mango yellow, apricot orange, and lime green.

Finally, our new confetti mixes are sure to be a crowd favorite at any bakery this season. Our Fall Confetti Mix, Candy Corn Confetti Mix, and Wizardly Blend are all perfect for the season and will give your cookies just the right fall touch!

Don’t miss out on all these quality options from BakeMark to make your fall season even better! Contact your sales rep today to discuss your options.

We’re Beginning to Bake a Lot for…Christmas?!

Christmas in July

We’re Beginning to Bake a Lot for…Christmas?!

No, that’s not a typo – it is almost Christmas…Christmas in July, that is!

Just because it’s not December doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking about holiday baking already, and BakeMark is here to help with a variety of bakery solutions that will have you dreaming of a White Christmas while the summer sun is still shining.

Christmas Quality & Convenience

At BakeMark, we are known for our products that never sacrifice quality for convenience, and what we have to offer you this Christmas baking season is no exception!

Everyone loves a delicious shortbread cookie any time of the year, but everyone loves it more if they’re Christmas shortbread cookies! Our Snot Block Crust is a delectable and versatile mix – you can use it for pie crust, tarts, crumble toppings, and of course cookies! And it’s a guaranteed delicious buttery flavor every time. Your Christmas cookies will be so good, Santa might just wait around for more!

Don’t let the name fool you

Now, Snot Block has been around for a while now since we introduced it back in May, but don’t let the name fool or scare you away. Remember, it’s not your typical pastry or mix. The possibilities are so endless; you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. You can dream up just about any Christmas bakery concoction and you can incorporate Snot Block Crust into it!


Well the answer to that one is easy…it’s just a cookie!

It’s mandatory that a festive Christmas cookie requires you to sprinkle some holiday cheer into it- it’s part of the Christmas cookie’s identity! Lucky for you, BakeMark has tons of options of sprinkles from our Sprinkelina line! You can always go with a classic jingle mix of white, red and green. Or maybe the same color combination but in our adorable nonpareils. Maybe your snowflake cookie needs a bit more snow? Check out our Snowflake shaped sprinkles or how about our Christmas confettis?

If those don’t sparkle up your Christmas cookies enough, we have several other sprinkle mixes and blends made just for Christmas celebrations, so you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Don’t leave it to chance

For your own sake and the sake of your customers, don’t leave your Christmas cookie baking to chance…or to the last minute! Be sure to contact your BakeMark representative today to discuss the options we have to help you make this Christmas, and Christmas in July, even more magical. You won’t be sorry that you did, only if you don’t!