Elevate Your Thanksgiving Baking: Beyond Pies

Thanksgiving Baking

Thanksgiving is a golden opportunity for bakeries to showcase their creativity and attract a swarm of customers eager for festive treats. While pies are a staple and beloved choice, diversifying your bakery’s menu can set you apart and boost your sales significantly this fall. In this post, We will share some innovative and delicious ideas to complement the classic pies, ensuring your bakery becomes the go-to spot for Thanksgiving desserts to ease your customer’s Thanksgiving Baking.

Savory Breads and Rolls

Thanksgiving dinners are incomplete without a basket of warm, freshly baked bread. Introduce a variety of savory bread and rolls infused with herbs like rosemary, thyme, or sage. You could also experiment with stuffed bread, incorporating ingredients such as cheese, garlic, or caramelized onions. These aromatic and flavorful additions will surely leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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Delectable Cakes and Cupcakes

Expand your menu with autumn-themed cakes and cupcakes. Think spices, nuts, and fruits! Spice cakes, carrot cakes, or apple cinnamon cupcakes can become instant hits. BakeMark has all the cake mixes you need to bring a wide range of fall flavors to your bakery this month. Don’t forget to decorate them with festive icing or toppings to make them irresistible. Sprinkelina’s line of Autumn colors will make any bakery case vibrant.

Fall Inspired Cookie

Cookies are a great addition to any Thanksgiving spread. Offer a range of options from classic chocolate chip to fall-inspired flavors like pumpkin spice, maple pecan, or cranberry orange. You could also offer beautifully decorated sugar cookies in shapes like leaves, pumpkins, or turkeys.

Traditional With a Twist

You can also add a modern twist to traditional Thanksgiving desserts. Update the classic apple pie with a salted caramel drizzle, or create a pumpkin cheesecake with a gingerbread crust. These twists on classics can attract both pie lovers and those looking for something new.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to showcase the versatility and creativity of your bakery. By expanding your menu beyond pies, you not only cater to a wider audience but also increase your potential for sales and customer loyalty. Remember, the key to a successful Thanksgiving menu is quality ingredients and innovative ideas. So, get baking, and let your bakery shine this fall season! Take that Thanksgiving Baking hassle our of your customer’s To Do’s on that already busy day.

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BE MINE, VALENTINE? Love (and the aroma of fresh baked goods) Is In The Air

Valentine Product


Love (and the aroma of fresh baked goods) Is In The Air

With the Christmas season barely in the rearview mirror, it’s already time to make plans for our next big holiday – VALENTINE’S DAY!  This year, Valentine’s Day (February 14) falls on a Sunday, so it’s especially important to decorate your store, display case, and product well in advance.  That way, you can “catch” weekday business customers whose attention may not be fully focused on matters of the heart.  Help them remember with bright decorations and fresh-baked, delicious baked goods. 


BakeMark has your back when you need brightly colored product decorations to bring out the romance on even the most basic bakery items.  Our line of Sprinkelina Valentine’s Toppings provides a fantastic head-start for basic product decorations.  Once you get started, let your imagination and your romantic side run wild.  Look at these fantastic toppings:

  • Sprinkles – Valentine’s Sprinkles Mix; White Sprinkles; Red Sprinkles; Pink Sprinkles. 
  • Pearls – White Twinkle Pearls; Red Twinkle Pearls; Pink Twinkle Pearls;
  • Glaze – Cherry Red Glitter Glaze; Strawberry Pink Glitter Glaze; Neutral Clear Glitter Glaze.


BakeMark has EVERYTHING you need to make your baked goods whisper sweet-nothings in his or her ear.  Westco Fruit-O Concentrates and Premium Flavors add variety and uniqueness to your product offering, and Westco Mixes and Icings provide the foundation for your creativity and excellence. 


Your BakeMark Sales Representative may or may not be an expert in the field of romance, but he or she has a number of decorating tips up their sleeves.  Yours for the asking:   years of personal experience with romantic products, innovative recipes, and Valentine’s Day display ideas to share and can help fill your display case with wonderful product. 

It’s true – love is in the air, and BakeMark can be an important partner in matters of the heart – and you’ll love Valentine’s Day sales and profits.  Bring your holiday product in early, and start planning your product, display case, and store themes now!