What’s the way to a dad’s heart?

Father's Day

What’s the way to a Father’s Heart?

The old saying goes that the way to a man’s hear is through his stomach, so what better way for your bakery to promote the upcoming Father’s Day holiday than to have plenty of goodies on hand?

Lots of Options: Father’s like them All!

Mother’s Day arguably gets a lot more attention when it comes to the two parental holidays, but that doesn’t mean that Father’s Day and dear old dad shouldn’t get some attention too! After all, with the world as busy as it is, we likely don’t take the time to recognize either parent on a regular enough basis.

In the bakery world, there are plenty of options for you to explore for Father’s Day, and BakeMark can help you make them a reality. Maybe your customer’s dads are chocolate lovers – no problem, because BakeMark can help you create delicious brownies for Father’s Day with some great brownie mixes and recipes! We can even help you decorate them up just right for any dad, no matter what they are into, with our many icing and fudge options, not to mention our decorative sprinkles!

If not chocolate, maybe dad’s favorite is donuts, and of course, BakeMark is here to that too! BakeMark is well known for our donut mixes, so we can help you crate the most delicious special treats just for dad this Father’s Day.

Choose What Works

Just like bakeries, no two dads are quite the same, but with BakeMark’s help, you can offer treats that just about any dad will love! Brownies and donuts are just the start of what dads might wan this Father’s Day, but it’s certainly not all that BakeMark can help you create. Let us help you whip up a whole lot of love for the dads in your customer’s lives with year with all the options that are a perfect fir for you. Contact your BakeMark rep today to get ready for Father’s Day!

Sharing the Love with Administrative Professionals!

Did you know that April 27th is Administrative Professionals Day? That’s right. But what exactly is that all about? The National Day Calendar website explains it as the day to celebrate the assistants, clerks, receptionists, hosts/hostesses and any office staff that help make our businesses run as smoothly as they do. They are often the unsung heroes who help manage the day-to-day activities, and they definitely deserve a day of appreciation!

Everyone Enjoys a Sweet Treat.

Did you know that Administrative Professionals also love sweet treats? That’s a no brainer because everyone loves sweet treats! When it comes to what sweet treats your bakery has to offer, it’s the time to think about treats that are sharable and give customers a delicious experience that will keep them smiling all day. Donuts and brownies come to mind, as they are office favorites and are perfect snacks at any time of day. You might also think about a decadent Chocolate Cake, depending on the office setting. The great news is that BakeMark has you covered! BakeMark bakery mixes are top-quality and deliver the flavor your customers will love and the convenience you’ll appreciate – helping you be the go-to bakery for local businesses and offices.

Seeking All Sweet Tooths!

As we come upon Administrative Professionals Day, how connected are you with your local businesses and office buildings? Chances are, you’ve got a few potential new customers nearby. They may not know that your sweet treats are the best in town. Take the time to prepare sample packages (with business cards) of your best items and deliver them to the nearby offices, reminding them that Administrative Professionals Day is right around the corner. You’ll definitely see a lot of smiles and hopefully some new customers stop by now that they know your treats are the perfect way to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day. You’ll probably see them coming in for more treats beyond Administrative Professionals Day, which gives you another reason to celebrate!

RAISED DONUT PRODUCTION 101A..A Key to Perfection – Precise Temperature Control

yeast raised donut


A Key to Perfection – Precise Temperature Control 

Making yeast raised donuts is a cinch.  Right?  After all, it’s the mainstay of every donut shop, and everyone knows how to make raised product.  Or do they?  It’s so important to stress the basics of making good raised product to your bakers so that the rest of your donut offering has a firm foundation and a chance to really sing to your customers.  And one of the most important basic procedures involves temperature control every step of the way. 


Perhaps the most critical area when making raised product, but one that is overlooked the most, is temperature.  You must be constantly aware of temperature to produce consistently good raised product.  Pay close attention to the temperature of your BakeMark Yeast Raised Donut Mixes, of the room, of your tap water, of your dough, and of your shortening.  Variances of these temperatures will greatly affect the finished product – so be alert!


Years of trial and error have proven that raised product dough should be cut when it is about 82°f to 85°f (high altitudes – ask your BakeMark Sales Representative).   To make sure the dough is the correct temperature, you must consider a few outside factors.  For example, if the ambient temperature of the room and dry mix is cold, you need to add warm water for your dough to be the correct temperature at cutting time.  On the other hand, if your room and dry mix are very warm, the water you add should be cool.  An “instant read thermometer” is a must – and – your BakeMark Sales Representative will be able to help find the right balance of temperatures for ideal raised dough. 


When your donuts are ready to fry, make sure your shortening is 385°f.  Frying at higher temperatures prevents the donut from expanding during the cooking time.  Frying at lower temperatures could result in uncooked dough and excess shortening absorption.  Take some time to be sure your fryer thermostat is always working properly and giving correct temperature indications. 


Making raised product isn’t automatic.  It requires thought and careful preparation.  However, beautiful product and satisfied customers makes the attention to detail worth your while.  Your BakeMark Sales Representative is very experienced in correct raised donut production.  He or she can help fine tune procedures that can be applied directly to your production – not from a computer program – so the advice you receive is for your real donut shop, your actual customer base, and your actual raised donut production.