Maximizing Your Bakery’s Success for the 2024 Spring Baking Season

Maximizing Your Bakery’s Success for the 2024 Spring Baking Season

Welcome to BakeMark’s essential guide for the 2024 spring baking season! As the industry leader in baking ingredients and supplies, we’re here to ensure your bakery or donut shop is perfectly prepared for the upcoming festivities, including Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Mardi Gras.

Table of Contents

1. 2024 Spring Baking Valentine’s Day: Sweet Treats for Sweethearts

Valentine's Day Bakery Goods

Valentine’s Day is a major opportunity during the 2024 spring baking season. This is the time to showcase heart-shaped cookies, red and pink frosted cupcakes, and special Valentine-themed donuts. Utilize BakeMark’s Red Velvet mixes to add that hint of read to all your sweet treats. Westco’s Red Velvet Cake Donut Mix produces a vibrant red cake donut that can be perfectly topped with Westco’s Vanilla Dipping Icing and add an additional splash of color with Sprinkelina’s Valentine’s Day Mix and you have a delectable sweet treat for any sweetheart! Did you know that February is also Great American Pies Month

2. St. Patrick’s Day: Going Green with Delight

St. Patrick's Day Bakery Goods

St. Patrick’s Day brings a wave of green and gold. This is a perfect time to incorporate BakeMark’s vibrant green and gold sprinkles into your bakery items. Sprinkelina’s Gold Star Sprinkles will mirror any treasure over the rainbow to top your cookies, cupcakes, and cakes! Westco’s Extra Rich line of cake mixes are tolerable and with an ease to use produce consistent and delicious cakes and cupcakes. With a splash of color, the white cake mix will produces vibrant green treats in every bakery case.

3. Mardi Gras: A Festive Flavor Fiesta

Mardi Gras: A Festive Flavor Fiesta

Mardi Gras is all about extravagance and color. Embrace the spirit with king cakes, purple, green, and yellow sprinkled donuts, and cupcakes adorned with Mardi Gras-themed decorations. BakeMark has all the ingredients your bakery needs to produce hundreds if not thousands of King Cakes consistently and efficiently. Start with the Westco Windsor Danish Dough Mix that will produce a soft and delicious danish base and addorn with Sup-R-Fluffy buttercreme icing and then vibrant colors on top! All the flavors you need, we have you covered as well. King Cakes are a great seasonal offering taht celebrates the season of Mardi Gras.

4. The BakeMark Advantage: Your Partner for Success in 2024 Spring Baking

At BakeMark, we understand the demands of the 2024 spring baking season. Our comprehensive range of high-quality baking ingredients, coupled with our industry expertise, positions us as your ideal partner. From unique flavorings to festive decorations, we provide everything your bakery needs to succeed and grow during the key holiday periods.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dazzle your customers this 2024 spring baking season. Contact BakeMark today to learn more about our products and services and how we can help your bakery or donut shop thrive during these festive times!

BakeMark’s Line of Fruit-O Flavors Gives you Unlimited Variety and Marketability

BakeMark’s Line of Fruit-O Flavors Gives you Unlimited Variety and Marketability

Fruit-O Concentrate Flavors

Just think of the endless possibilities when you use these Fruit-O Concentrates for your batters,
dough, or icings:

  • Banana Fruit-O
  • Blueberry Fruit-O
  • Cherry Fruit-O
  • Cranberry Fruit-O
  • Lemon Fruit-O
  • Orange Fruit-O
  • Pineapple Fruit-O
  • Strawberry Fruit-O
  • Raspberry Fruit-O

Try them all. You’ll love the results – product, display case, and sales!

Raspberry Lemonade
Raspberry Muffin

Now You Can Say “Today’s Special”…And Mean it! With Fruit-O Flavors

Here’s a sure-fire way to run a “daily special” and really mean it. Take advantage of Westco Fruit-O Concentrates to broaden your product line and give you the opportunity to dazzle your customers with a display case full of unbelievable variety and endless deliciousness.

Make Your “Daily Special” Really Special

A mistake some bakeries and donut shops make is buying a bag of mix for every flavor, which limits their variety, adds food cost, and takes up valuable storage space. For example, if you only buy Cherry Donut Mix, your boring “daily specials” could look like this: Monday – cherry cake donut / red icing; Tuesday – cherry cake donut / white icing: Wednesday – cherry cake donut / pink icing; Thursday – cherry cake donut / red sprinkles, Friday – cherry cake donut / white sprinkles, etc.

Instead, use Fruit-O Concentrate to give your display case endless variety and REAL daily specials. By adding just 1 – 3 ounces of Fruit-O to your regular batter, dough, or icing, you can create endless combinations of colors and flavors. How about this lineup to interest your customers. Monday – lemon cake donut with raspberry icing; Tuesday – Banana Cake Donut with cream cheese icing: Wednesday – Pina Colada donut with pineapple cake and
coconut iced topping; Thursday – Orange cake donut with Vanilla icing; and Friday – Blueberry cake donut with blueberry swirl icing. Fruit-Os are very highly concentrated to maximize flavors and reduce food costs. Just buy one bag of cake donut mix. Every time you add Fruit-O Concentrate, you save on bag of cake donut mix you don’t have to buy!

And More…

We’ve highlighted the donut mix as a prime candidate for the addition of Fruit-O Concentrate. But why stop there? Use Fruit-O Concentrate for all types of batter, doughs, and icings. We give you suggested weights, but you can customize your product to your every whim. Ask your BakeMark Sales Representative for suggestions and tips on proportions and mixing techniques. He or she is a pro at helping stretch your food budget and using Fruit-O Concentrate.

And Even More…

Fruit-O Concentrate is so versatile, so adaptable, and such high quality that you can even create your own custom salad dressings using it as an ingredient. A current BakeMark sales representative assists several hotel chains with Blueberry Fruit-O and Orange Fruit-O to make their own versions of unique and noteworthy vinaigrette dressings. Ask your BakeMark sales representative if he or she has any tricks up their sleeves to add a memorable custom twist to your product offering. Not a computer screen. A real, live BakeMark sales representative!


Are You Ready For St. Patrick’s Day? Here’s What Bakery Owners Can Do To.

food ideas for st patricks day

The greenest and luckiest time of the year is upon us! St. Patrick’s Day is a special time where we can all come together and celebrate everything GREEN! You have a unique opportunity to bring the joy of this holiday to your customers with delicious baked goods.

Whether you’re serving up rainbow donuts or just dying everything green, there are a few things you can do to make sure your business is ready for St. Patrick’s Day. From stocking up on Sprinkelina St. Patrick’s Day Sprinkle Mix to creating special promotions, here is how you can prepare. Here is your Bakery Guide to St Patrick’s Days to make that extra “green”


The first step to making sure your bakery shines on St. Patrick’s Day is to plan ahead. Before the holiday even arrives, you should have a clear idea of the types of goods you want to offer, how much of each item to make, and what decorations you want to incorporate. For example, if you’re planning to make these rainbow cupcakes, make sure you have enough Extra Rich White Cake Mix. You should also plan for any additional decorations or displays you want to put up. This could include adding festive signs advertising your special St. Patrick’s Day treats. You could also hang up colorful banners decorated with shamrocks and pots of gold. Whatever decorations you choose, be sure to plan ahead and have everything ready to go before the holiday arrives.


The second way to make sure your bakery is ready for St. Patrick’s Day is to get your green on! Since green is the main color of the holiday, you should make sure to incorporate it into your decorations and products. With just a little bit of creativity, you can give your goods a splash of Irish spirit. For example, you could mix a little green food coloring into Westco’s Sup-R-Fluffy Vanilla Buttercreme Icing to make your cupcakes stand out. You can also add a little green to your decorations as well. Create a special St. Patrick’s Day display in your window with green streamers and shamrock decorations. You can even use a few pots of gold or rainbows to add a little extra festivity. Whichever decorations you choose, make sure that you’re emphasizing the color green to get your customers in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit.


The third way to make sure your bakery is ready for St. Patrick’s Day is to embrace the Irish spirit! To really get into the holiday spirit, you should offer fun activities to your customers. This could include hosting a 24-hour “St. Patrick’s Day Baking Marathon” or “Irish-inspired decorations” contests. You can also offer a few fun promotions, such as “Buy one, get one free” or “double Irish points” for customers who purchase your St. Patrick’s Day goods. You can also encourage your customers to celebrate with you by hosting a special event in your bakery. This could be a live Irish band playing traditional tunes, a dance competition, or a green costume contest. This is a great way to get your customers involved in the holiday and make your bakery stand out in the local community.


The fourth and final way to make sure your bakery is ready for St. Patrick’s Day is to go above and beyond. One of the best ways to do this is to offer unique goods that your customers won’t find anywhere else. Take the extra time this holiday and create these Good Luck Donuts and even charge a premium for them. A unique special LTO is always a great way to make a little more “green” on this holiday. These unique items will make your bakery stand out from the competition and encourage customers to come in and try something new.


With a little bit of preparation, you can make sure your bakery is ready for St. Patrick’s Day! From getting your green on and embracing the Irish spirit, to going above and beyond with unique items and special promotions, there are many things you can do to make your bakery stand out. With careful planning and a little bit of creativity, you can make sure your bakery is the one to beat this St. Patrick’s Day! Your BakeMark Sales Rep is your partner in growing your business, let them help you along with this Bakery Guide to St Patrick’s Days.

#mauisadamoments MEANS MORE THAN “ALOHA”

#mauisadamoments MEANS MORE THAN “ALOHA”

A Trip To The Islands Creates Sales & Profits For You! 

hawaii food

How easy can it be?  BakeMark has created an entire incentive promotion around building sales and profits for your store – the “Mauisada Moments” (#mauisadamoments) challenge – based on a trip to Hawaii for one lucky customer.The more fun and excitement you build into this promotion for your customers, the stronger your daily business will become.  Make sure you have plenty of fresh, delicious Mauisadas prominently featured in your display case every morning.  And then … the fun begins!  


When you or your staff sells even a single Mauisada, be sure to emphasize the rules of the contest and the chance to win.  It’s as easy as this: 

  1. Buy some Mauisadas
    • Be sure to give them a purchase receipt, and tell them to keep it in a safe place, because proof of purchase is required for contest eligibility. 
  2. Take photos and selfies of how they and their family / friends enjoy the Mauisadas. 
    • The more creative and inspiring your entry is, then the better your chances are of winning!
  3. Pictures must be posted to Facebook or Instagram
    • Tag @bakemark.  Required. 
    • Use #mauisadamoments hashtag.  Required. 
  4. The “Mauisada Moments” challenge ends on September 22, 2020. 
    • The deadline will be here before you know it so make sure to reate and send entries NOW!!! 


Of course, the more you do to create a tropical environment in your store and in your display of Mauisadas, the easier it will be to create the mental image of a trip to Hawaii.  Be sure your salesclerks to suggest delicious Mauisadas and the Mauisada Moments Challenge to those who buy Mauisadas – and, most importantly – to those who don’t. 


Look at these marketing materials available to help you sell Mauisadas in your shop:  1) window posters;  2) counter card / table tent;  3) merchandising kit (includes colorful leis, palm tree centerpiece, tropical leaves, grass skirt for display); 4)  Gloss coated color imprinted Mauisada product box;  5)  Mauisada Moments stickers for bags and boxes; 6) the Mauisada Moments incentive program itself;  and 7) the valuable experience and knowledge of your BakeMark Sales Representative. 

Talk to your BakeMark Sales Representative about Mauisada product, point-of-sale, incentive program, and other p.o.s. that convey your store’s ability to deliver fresh product and new ideas throughout the day, because even in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic! Always remember:  BakeMark is here to help.

All Rise! Evidence for Correct Yeast & Dough Handling

Yeast Raised Donut Dough


In the “court of raised product deliciousness,” the proper handling of yeast stands out as key elements to great product.  The main function of yeast in raised mix is to produce carbon dioxide gas.  This gas causes the dough to rise and make your raised product light, airy, and delicious, but it will only work properly if the yeast is fermented properly.  Three critical factors for correct fermentation include 1) dough temperature, 2) bench time, and 3) proofing. 


Yeast works well in the temperature range of 78°f to 82°f.  Cooler than 78°f, the yeast ferments too slowly and produces a low level of carbon dioxide.  Warmer than 82°f, the yeast produces gas too rapidly, and some of the yeast cells will be killed, so no carbon dioxide gas will be produced by them at all. 


The purpose of bench time is to bring the yeast from the dormant stage to the active stage so that it will produce the correct amount of carbon dioxide gas.  If the bench time is too short, the dough will be less elastic and have weak flavor.  If the bench time is too long, volume could be lost in the proofing process; the donuts will shrink during frying; the texture will be coarse; and the flavor will not be up to your standards.  Always let the dough rise on the bench for approximately 45 minutes before proofing. 


During the proofing stage, the yeast continues to produce large amounts of carbon dioxide gas in the dough.  Proper proofing contributes to “sealing” the skin of the donut.  The two important factors for proper proofing are correct temperature and correct moisture. 

As a general guide, the temperature of your proof box should be around 95°f, and the amount of moisture in the air should be regulated so there is a mist in the inside of the proof box door.  If you see light moisture on the door, you know the humidity level is ideal for dough-rising.  By the way, local weather conditions also play into your proof box variables.  Make adjustments according to the heat and humidity in your area. 


Your BakeMark Sales Representative has the knowledge and experience to personally help you with every bakery detail – from product trends to technical production issues to color choices and display case designs to yeast fermentation and proof box procedures.  He or she is the best of the best and a valuable member of your team! Always remember:  BakeMark is here to help.



Here are the answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions donut shop bakers may encounter every day: 

Q.    Which side of raised rounds should be glazed? 

You will actually glaze the bottom side of the product that’s sitting on the raised screen as you drop it into the fryer.  Remember, it is very important to turn your raised product only once after you put it into the shortening.  Use these same procedures when handling iced and sugar rounds. 

Q.   Sometimes, my old-fashioned bars don’t split as well as they should.  Is this caused by improper mixing?   

No.  Mixing really doesn’t affect the split of old-fashioned product.  Most of the time, incorrect submersion is to blame.  If you don’t float them off the screen during the first minute of frying, they won’t split nicely for you.

Q.   What is the maximum time you can keep a pot of coffee on the burner?       

We suggest thirty minutes – any longer, and brewed coffee starts tasting bitter.  Fresh coffee is a very important element of every bakery and donut shop.  You’re competing with a myriad of “specialty coffee houses,” so your hot beverages must measure up.  Remember:  they don’t have the same quality of baked goods as you, so you have an advantage as long as your coffee is fresh and delicious! 

Q.   What is a good way to keep my donut tree clean during the day?       

It’s always a good practice to keep the drip pan two rungs below the last screen of donuts on the tree.  This keeps the drops of glaze and icing in a limited area and your tree a lot cleaner. 

Q.   Why do my donuts turn white or cloudy after glazing?                     

White or cloudy glaze often results from glazing your raised product when it is too cold.  Raised product should be nice and warm to give a shiny, glossy glazed surface.  Remember, too, to mix your glaze with a paddle … not the whip! 

Ask your BakeMark Sales Representative about these or any technical question you may encounter about baking or the operation of your shop.   He or she has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and access to resources of an industry leader like BakeMark.  Always remember:  BakeMark is here to help.




You and our entire baking industry are perfectly positioned to help Americans mentally cope with our nation’s current pandemic crisis.  Let’s face it: we make “feel good” products that help people enjoy life, if even it’s only for as long as it takes to eat a snack or dessert.  Who doesn’t love a donut, cupcake, cookie, bagel, or cinnamon roll when the weather turns grey or the economy sours?  Our products are inexpensive, delicious, filling, and endorphin-producing.  Did we mention feel good

The time is right to be proud of our great baking industry.  Be sure your entire staff maintains the same positive attitude and cheery demeanor that brings a ray of hope to your customers.  We’re on the front line of the battle against the endemic, and the positive attitude we display will make a difference in the lives of each other and our customers. 


Because of the nation’s current “stay at home” mandate, your customer count could be reduced.  Even your best, most-loyal customers may be huddled in their bedrooms out of the fear of contagion.  It’s more important now than ever to maximize each sale to every customer who does venture into your store and create the largest sale (and profit) possible.

Ask your salesclerks to try at least one of these suggestive selling ideas to “upsell” every transaction in your bakery:

  • Would you like to buy a dozen donuts today so you’ll have plenty for the rest of the week?
  • We have warm cinnamon rolls this morning.  Would you like to try one? 
  • Will your beverage be a large?
  • Would you add a dozen donut holes for the kids? 

It’s a proud time to be in the baking industry supporting the health and well-being of our customers during this crisis.  Stay safe, and let’s get through this together.  Always remember:  BakeMark is here to help.