Elevate Your Thanksgiving Baking: Beyond Pies

Thanksgiving Baking

Thanksgiving is a golden opportunity for bakeries to showcase their creativity and attract a swarm of customers eager for festive treats. While pies are a staple and beloved choice, diversifying your bakery’s menu can set you apart and boost your sales significantly this fall. In this post, We will share some innovative and delicious ideas to complement the classic pies, ensuring your bakery becomes the go-to spot for Thanksgiving desserts to ease your customer’s Thanksgiving Baking.

Savory Breads and Rolls

Thanksgiving dinners are incomplete without a basket of warm, freshly baked bread. Introduce a variety of savory bread and rolls infused with herbs like rosemary, thyme, or sage. You could also experiment with stuffed bread, incorporating ingredients such as cheese, garlic, or caramelized onions. These aromatic and flavorful additions will surely leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Visit BakeMark’s website for top-quality ingredients and recipes to perfect your savory breads and rolls.

Delectable Cakes and Cupcakes

Expand your menu with autumn-themed cakes and cupcakes. Think spices, nuts, and fruits! Spice cakes, carrot cakes, or apple cinnamon cupcakes can become instant hits. BakeMark has all the cake mixes you need to bring a wide range of fall flavors to your bakery this month. Don’t forget to decorate them with festive icing or toppings to make them irresistible. Sprinkelina’s line of Autumn colors will make any bakery case vibrant.

Fall Inspired Cookie

Cookies are a great addition to any Thanksgiving spread. Offer a range of options from classic chocolate chip to fall-inspired flavors like pumpkin spice, maple pecan, or cranberry orange. You could also offer beautifully decorated sugar cookies in shapes like leaves, pumpkins, or turkeys.

Traditional With a Twist

You can also add a modern twist to traditional Thanksgiving desserts. Update the classic apple pie with a salted caramel drizzle, or create a pumpkin cheesecake with a gingerbread crust. These twists on classics can attract both pie lovers and those looking for something new.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to showcase the versatility and creativity of your bakery. By expanding your menu beyond pies, you not only cater to a wider audience but also increase your potential for sales and customer loyalty. Remember, the key to a successful Thanksgiving menu is quality ingredients and innovative ideas. So, get baking, and let your bakery shine this fall season! Take that Thanksgiving Baking hassle our of your customer’s To Do’s on that already busy day.

Ready to take your Thanksgiving baking to the next level? Visit BakeMark’s website today for all your baking needs and inspiration. Happy Baking!

Action Items for National Donut Day 2023

Action Items for 2023 National Donut Day

What is America’s favorite holiday that doesn’t include “Ho. Ho. Ho.”?  You guessed it – it’s National Donut Day. Yay!  Donut stores.  Retail bakeries.  In-store bakeries.  Panaderias.  Any location selling donuts has an opportunity for extra sales, profits, and fun! 

Here are important action items for this year’s National Donut Day: 

ACTION ITEM:  Circle June 2 on your calendar with a big red marker.  National Donut Day falls very early in June this year, so be sure the last week of May is also clearly marked for our donut holiday preparation! 

ACTION ITEM:  Be ready by ordering sufficient supplies NOW.  There will be extra media attention for this big day, so make sure you stock up on all your basic supplies in advance: mixes, icings and glazes, fillings, sprinkles, and paper goods.  You may experience larger-than-normal bulk orders as offices, schools, agencies, and businesses all celebrate the holiday together – so – be ready!

ACTION ITEM:  Put your marketing hat on, and get busy!  BakeMark can help you decorate with in-store posters and package stickers.  Take pictures of product, customers, and your store to post on social media using the hashtag #NationalDonutDay to generate local excitement.  Encourage your customers to do the same and create exciting trends.  Big trends equal big sales! The bigger the trend, the larger your sales can grow!

ACTION ITEM:  Remember our military veterans.  They have sacrificed so much for us all and while they deserve much more praise and celebration, we honor them on National Donut Day. Maybe you are thinking – what do veterans have to do with donuts? Great question! In 1938, the Salvation Army began honoring veterans and the relief efforts during WWI. The “Lassies” went into the battle zones to help care for the soldiers.  The most requested snack?  THE DONUT!  Hence, National Donut Day was established to celebrate veterans, Lassies, and donuts.

ACTION ITEM:  Utilize your BakeMark Sales Representative.  He or she has experienced the highs and lows of National Donut Day and can help you plan, implement, and organize for increased customer count and product mix.  Much better than a computer program, your Sales Rep can offer real-life suggestions for you and your store. 

ACTION ITEM:  Have fun.  This is a day devoted to our profession and to our products.  Enjoy! 

Summer Holidays?

Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays?

There are More than The Calendar Says!

Summer is full of hidden opportunities for sales and profits that you can’t see on the calendar.  Except for Flag Day (June 14), Father’s Day (June 19), and Independence Day (July 4), there are no “automatic” annual Summer holidays, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Do not fear!  Summer is a time when the demand for sweets is at its highest. You need to be at-the-ready and creative with high quality, refreshing baked goods throughout the season.  Summer is the time for social events and gatherings – as well as countless graduations. So every day has the potential to be a big day! 

Count on BakeMark for Quality and Variety

When thinking of Summer and vacations, almost everyone thinks about carefree relaxing by the pool or beach, cool tropical drinks, and plenty of sunshine.  With Trigal Dorado tropical fillings, you’re never very far away from the daydream of cool tropical breezes.  Think of delicious Mango Filling, Pineapple Filling, and Guava Filling, and you’re on Summer vacation!  Create filled donuts and bars.  Scrumptious Danishes and tarts.  Even pies and cakes created with fruits of the tropics!  Delicious and memorable.  For you as a bakery professional, Summer is the perfect time to rollout these taste treats for your customers. 

Mauisada – The Name Screams “Hawaiian Sweet Treat”

Are your customers looking for the fun, enjoyable experience of Hawaii?  Try adding Mauisadas to your display case!  This traditional sweet treat delivers a rich texture and a sweet, flavorful experience – and – should be priced as a premium product!  Available in 25 lb. bags, it’s easy to create a “tropics only” zone in your display case.  These unique creations are perfect for filling with Trigal Dorado tropical fillings and are the next best thing to being in Hawaii.  Ask your BakeMark Sales Representative for a “Mauisada Merchandise Display Kit” that helps your display case complete the daydream of being in Hawaii – if only for as long as it takes to devour this delicious treat.

Your Secret Summertime Weapon – Guaranteed

The next time you look at a calendar, picture Summer as one giant bakery opportunity made up of ninety individual days.  Yes.  It’s important to be smart for Flag Day, Father’s Day, and Independence Day.  But it’s also smart to look at every Summer day as a special day for sweet baked goods.  And how do you maximize your sale opportunities, creative display ideas, and in-store marketing?  Just think about your BakeMark Sales Representative!  He or she has experienced many seasons and can point you in the right direction – this Summer season and EVERY season. 

Always remember:  BakeMark Is Here To Help! 

Make Holiday Impressions Last for Long Term Success

Holiday Baking

Your Holiday Baking Contributes to Long-Term Success

Emphasize the Basics: Quality. Cleanliness. Service.

Every year, the holidays present an awesome opportunity to increase sales and profits – both short-term and long-term.  What your customers think about you, your employees, and your store decorations when they buy holiday-themed baked goods for this year’s special events will go a long way towards where they buy baked goods next week, next month, and well beyond the 2021 holidays!  Now is the time to make your holiday baking a strong, lasting impression of excellence.  Things that will influence their memories well beyond holiday cheer?  The basics: Quality. Cleanliness. Service. 

Quality Baking Products

BakeMark customers (that’s you) are already ahead of the curve when it comes to high quality baked goods.  You’re starting with the very best products (ingredients, mixes, icings, fillings, toppings, finished goods, supplies, et. al.) available in the baking industry.  You also have the bonus of your BakeMark Sales Representative who can steer you toward creating the best products, decorations, and displays.  Take advantage of this tremendous resource every chance you get.  Quality product means great taste, great appearance, and so much more! 

Store Cleanliness all Holiday Season

Of course, the floor must be swept and your countertop and display case must be immaculate.  But it’s also important to look at your store is if it is a giant report card to ensure a squeaky-clean impression on your customers.  Grade yourself.  Look at the walls for smudges.  Can you give yourself an A?  Are your posters fresh and clean? (Ask your BakeMark Sales Rep for new, unfaded replacements)  How about the sidewalk? The trash cans? The windows? These are the things that subconsciously influence future buying decisions.  Don’t stop inspecting and cleaning until your holiday report card has straight A’s. 

Fantastic Service

You can count on a cheery holiday greeting to start a successful transaction with every customer who enters your shop.  But that’s just the beginning. Make sure to suggest ways to improve each experience.  “We have warm cinnamon rolls this morning.  Would you like to try one for the road?”  “Would you like to take a few holiday sprinkled cake donuts back to the office for your staff?”  Even a simple “Can I make your fresh, hot coffee a large?” will let your customers know you care.  Of course, a cheery “Happy Holidays” is always a memorable close. 

Take Advantage of the Holidays

This year’s holidays give you a head start for all of next year.  Customers who visit your shop for the first time will take advantage of your creative baked goods and fun-filled decorations.  After that, it’s time for you to parlay that initial visit into many more returns for each and every customer.  Always remember that the holidays bring them in, but quality, cleanliness, and service bring them back tomorrow and for years to come! 

Back to School!

Back to School

It’s time to head back to school, and is there anything more reminiscent of going back to school than the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Whether it’s in that brown bag lunch being carried out the door in the morning or it’s a snack waiting on the counter when the kids get off the bus, the classic peanut butter and jelly combo has been there to comfort so many of us through the years across many generations.

But…what does that have to do with my bakery business?


Even if you aren’t offering the classic PB&J sandwich at your store, you can still usher in the goodies that include peanut butter and jelly and align it perfectly with the back to school season.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Donuts

Sanwhiches may not be th ebest option for your situation, so how about incorporating the combo into America’s favorite pastry: donuts!

PB&J donuts can satisfy any cravings for sweets or even act as a quick breakfast for the kids and adults alike. It may not be a sandwich, but the combinations of peanut butter, jelly and sweet dough will certainly bring back those wonderful child memories that all adults carry with them, while creating new memories for todays’ young ones. Our Westco French Cruller Mix is the perfect mix to use to create these delicious PB&J snacks. This mix results in air pockets specifically designed for fillings- giving you the perfect space to fill up them up with our BakeSense Natural Creamy Peanut Butter and our Westco Strawberry or Blueberry fillings. With the largest fillings portfolio in the market, the possibilities are endless with BakeMark!  

Sandwich Packs 

If you still want to stick to the traditional bread and fillings combo, you can still offer fresh-made bread and buns using our convenient mixes. Our Best Brands Super Soft Bread & Bun Base and our Westco White Bread Base mixes are so easy to use and save you so much time, you’ll be dishing out fresh bread in no time! BakeMark has all you need to provide your customers with a quick and easy option to prep those lunches for the kids as the back-to-school craziness sets in! 

What other options can you offer me? 

BakeMark has so much more to offer for you to be as creative as you’d like! From our frozen line of ready-to-use laminated doughs, to our hundreds of choices of donut mixes, BakeMark has all your baking needs to create as many variations of classics as you can think of.  

The difference between what your customers can pick up off a grocery store shelf versus what they can get from you is the best quality taste with the convenience that everyone craves. Using BakeMark’s quality ingredients and making it even more convenient for your customers will make all the difference and keep your customers loyal and coming back for more! 

RAISED DONUT PRODUCTION 101A..A Key to Perfection – Precise Temperature Control

yeast raised donut


A Key to Perfection – Precise Temperature Control 

Making yeast raised donuts is a cinch.  Right?  After all, it’s the mainstay of every donut shop, and everyone knows how to make raised product.  Or do they?  It’s so important to stress the basics of making good raised product to your bakers so that the rest of your donut offering has a firm foundation and a chance to really sing to your customers.  And one of the most important basic procedures involves temperature control every step of the way. 


Perhaps the most critical area when making raised product, but one that is overlooked the most, is temperature.  You must be constantly aware of temperature to produce consistently good raised product.  Pay close attention to the temperature of your BakeMark Yeast Raised Donut Mixes, of the room, of your tap water, of your dough, and of your shortening.  Variances of these temperatures will greatly affect the finished product – so be alert!


Years of trial and error have proven that raised product dough should be cut when it is about 82°f to 85°f (high altitudes – ask your BakeMark Sales Representative).   To make sure the dough is the correct temperature, you must consider a few outside factors.  For example, if the ambient temperature of the room and dry mix is cold, you need to add warm water for your dough to be the correct temperature at cutting time.  On the other hand, if your room and dry mix are very warm, the water you add should be cool.  An “instant read thermometer” is a must – and – your BakeMark Sales Representative will be able to help find the right balance of temperatures for ideal raised dough. 


When your donuts are ready to fry, make sure your shortening is 385°f.  Frying at higher temperatures prevents the donut from expanding during the cooking time.  Frying at lower temperatures could result in uncooked dough and excess shortening absorption.  Take some time to be sure your fryer thermostat is always working properly and giving correct temperature indications. 


Making raised product isn’t automatic.  It requires thought and careful preparation.  However, beautiful product and satisfied customers makes the attention to detail worth your while.  Your BakeMark Sales Representative is very experienced in correct raised donut production.  He or she can help fine tune procedures that can be applied directly to your production – not from a computer program – so the advice you receive is for your real donut shop, your actual customer base, and your actual raised donut production. 

When It Comes to Our Products, Quality Comes Before Quantity

With our Donut Mixes, Quality Comes Before Quantity!

Unique donut flavors have been popular for quite a few years now. Just looking up “donut flavors” on Google Images gives you a colorful assortment of flavored donuts. No longer stuck with just Vanilla and Chocolate, flavors like Blueberry, Red Velvet, and Lemonade are now common, popular options.

When it comes to donut mixes, there’s a lot of variety out there. There’s no shortage of products to choose from. Many brands claim to have the largest variety of flavored donut mixes. They may be right, but you need to be careful when looking for mixes not to sacrifice quality for quantity. After all, what good is a long list of options if they’re not the best available?

At BakeMark, we make sure the ingredients in our bakery mixes and products are top-notch, so you don’t have to worry about quality. We also have a wide range of flavors and decorating ingredients, meaning you can give your customers the variety they crave.

A Birthday Cake flavored donut Starts with Quality Donut Mixes

Donut Flavors

Every great donut starts with a great mix. The Westco Superfine Cake Donut Mix and the Westco Richblend Cake Donut Mix deliver a high-quality, balanced flavor profile serving as a solid base for several delicious and unique donut flavors.

Combine the Westco Richblend Cake Donut Mix with the Westco Cream Bokay Emulsion and you get the base for the Birthday Cake Donut, a treat worthy of any birthday party. And what’ll make your Birthday Cake donuts even better? Sprinkles, of course! We have sprinkles of every color and shape, along with rainbow and seasonal mixes. The Sprinkelina Carnival Sprinkles are a beautiful and colorful rainbow mix that adds a summery pop of color to your donuts and gives them that extra special something.

The Flavors You Need for your Unique Donut Creations

Emulsions are what will turn your plain vanilla donuts into bold flavored donuts. Our emulsions contain non-soluble components that you can’t find in extracts. The flavors can withstand the baking process, giving you a rich taste that lasts.

If you like cocktails, you’ll love them in donuts! The Westco Van-Bourbon concentrate and the Westco Jamaica Rummette turn your favorite cocktails into donuts! Summer’s right around the

corner, and Piña Colada Donuts are practically begging to be added to your seasonal menu. The Rum Punch Donuts are a summer party hit and are bound to sell quickly. Rum and Bourbon are timeless classics, making the Cherry Rum and Bourbon Donuts the perfect year-round treat.

BakeMark’s Top Quality Fruit-O® Line

Are you looking to add real fruit flavor to your donuts or icings? Your customers will savor in the actual fruit flavors beyond what you get in a concentrate or emulsion. BakeMark’s line of Fruit-O® contain a balanced level of fruit particulate, flavor, and color that will elevate the flavors in your donuts. What is most important is, our line of Fruit-O’s® are highly concentrated to maximize flavor. Therefore, you are adding quality flavor and reducing food cost. The sweetness that comes from actual fruit will have your customers coming back for more.

What’s a classic summer drink loved by almost everyone? Lemonade. You can’t walk through a single State Fair without bumping into at least five lemonade stands. And thanks to Westco Lemon Fruit-O®, you can create any flavor of lemonade you want in your donuts. You can create a whole line of lemonade flavored donuts. In addition to regular lemonade, the Fruit-O® line gives you the option to add strawberry, raspberry, and pineapple flavors to your donuts.

Sound delicious? Contact us to learn more about our bakery mixes, flavors, toppings, and more. We can’t wait to hear from you!