Are You a Betty Crocker?

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Are You a Betty Crocker?

You may have heard this question a time or two if you’re a woman in the bakery space. While Betty herself was actually a fictional character developed by General Mills in 1921, the name and face are synonymous with baking and of course her famous cookbooks.

While Betty Crocker is basically a household name, there are plenty of other famous female bakers on the scene even still today that show that the culinary world is not necessarily a man’s world after all.

Women Leading the Way: Martha Stewart

Yet another highly recognizable name in the world of cooking and baking is Martha Stewart. Martha is still well known as an excellent baker, even as her brand morphs. From simple to fancy, Martha has mastered it all over the years. Her website even features its own baking section and touts everything from kid-friendly recipes to fancy chiffon cakes.

Her website even takes it one step further. It explains more about the science behind baking and why certain steps are necessary to achieve a delicious end product! Martha could certainly be deemed a modern-day Betty Crocker.

Top Women in Baking Chef Gale Gand

If you’re in the Chicago area and are in need of an amazing pastry chef, look no further than Gale Gand! Gale has been recognized as a nationally acclaimed pastry chef and earned accolades as Outstanding Pastry Chef of the Year by Bon Appetit Magazine. She’s also been inducted into the Chicago Chefs Hall of Fame.

Even though she is an outstanding pastry chef, her resume goes far beyond that as she is also a restauranteur, cookbook author, and even produces her own root beer. She’s also hosted numerous nationally televised cooking shows and teaches cooking classes (source: www.galegand.com).

Many more…Maybe the next one is you?

Obviously, there are so many other women in baking out there. These are just two of so many that are out there in the world today. The next famous female baker is out there already doing her thing – is it you?

Be Ready for the Easter Bunny!

Easter Bakery

Make your Bakery Ready for the Easter Bunny!

The Easter bunny will soon be hopping down the bunny trail, and you’re going to want to have your bakery primed and ready for his arrival! The good news is that BakeMark can help you get there with consistent products that will delight your customers with delicious Easter treats.

Consistency Matters, No Matter the Season

Your customers are looking for the most consistent, delicious baked goods no matter what season of the year it is. BakeMark is widely known for providing bakeries with products that ensure that each and every customer will be indulging in the same high-quality product, regardless if they are buying it on Good Friday or Christmas Eve.

Easter Cakes Bring it to the Table

Easter is filled with all kinds of treats and goodies, from chocolate rabbits to egg-shaped treats. But if you really want to help your customers bring it home this Easter season, cakes are the place to be! BakeMark’s hi-ratio cake and creme cake mixes are perfectly consistent and equally delicious. Not only that, they come in a variety of amazing flavors that will help you celebrate the season, AND they are customizable to whatever you or your customers are looking for!

If you’re looking for something more traditional for the Easter holiday, the Westco Extra Rich White Cake Mix is a perfect choice for your needs. The Westco Extra Rich Devils Food and Yellow Cake Mixes are also great choices for amazing flavor on your Easter dinner table. Easter wouldn’t quite be complete without carrots though, and we have you covered there too! The Westco Complete Carrot Cake Mix is a perfect option for anyone looking for a deliciously Easter-themed option.

Festive Options

What BakeMark brings to your holiday table doesn’t stop there. Our Sprinkelina Spring Sprinkle Mix is a fun and easy way to jazz up some simple brownies or blondies in a festive way. Maybe you’re looking for something a little more extravagant and you’d like to make some bird’s nest cupcakes for the holiday – that’s where our cake mixes come into play, then add some Spring Sprinkle Mix to make it even more festive!

No matter how you look at it, this Easter is going to be even more fun and delicious – if you contact your BakeMark rep about all these great options, that is! Get in touch today so we can help you make this the best Easter ever!

Is it even a wedding with no cake?

Is it even a wedding with no cake?

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Last year had us all missing out on lots of things…sports, concerts, school, and…cake? 

Yes, cake – wedding cake! Weddings were postponed or sparsely attended all over the country and that meant lots of people missing out on cake. And in all seriousness, can you even consider it a wedding if there isn’t cake?  

 With 2020 well behind us, weddings are back in full swing and your schedules are fully booked with orders. Don’t worry, because BakeMark can help you make all your brides’ dreams come true! 

Brides Want What They Want 

Brides won’t turn into Bridezillas if you can give them what they want. With BakeMark’s wide variety of quality bakery mixes, you can do just that! We know that everyone likes a happy bride, so let us help you be the hero of their day and create the most beautiful cakes with the best taste that they’ve dreamed of for their special day.  

Bakery Mix Options 

Does she want a traditional white wedding cake? No problem! We’ve got you covered with our Westco Extra Rich White Cake Mix – and it even comes in yellow if they prefer it to be a little different than the traditional cake! 

Not feeling that traditional vibe? We also have Best Brands Pride Chocolate Cake Mix for the not-so-traditional bride! But it doesn’t end there – we also offer the Westco Red Velvet Cake Mix for the really adventurous bride who’s looking to wow her guests with something completely out of the ordinary.  

Our mixes are so easy to use and consistently deliver the best cake flavors every time. You won’t be sacrificing quality for convenience, so why settle for anything other than these amazing options that BakeMark offers?  

Buttercream Frosting Options 

Baking the cake is the easy part- it’s the decorating that takes the skill and time. If you’re overwhelmed by wedding cake orders and just can’t quite figure out how you’re going to get everything done and make the bride’s dreams come to life, BakeMark can help there too! Look, we all know that the cake itself is just one part of this equation – the icing and decoration is arguably even more important!  

That’s where our Westco ready-to-use buttercreme icings, with their bright colors and rich flavors, will come in to be the saving grace for your bakery this wedding season! Just like our cake mixes, you aren’t sacrificing quality for convenience, you’re only saving yourself and your team valuable time. Not only that, but you’ll be piping out beautiful masterpieces in no time that will leave your brides and their guests in awe! We also have a top-quality line of BakeSense Rolled Fondant for those designer, custom cakes that will wow all guests

Give Them the Best

Let BakeMark help you give you your guests the best this busy wedding season. With the convenience and quality of our products on your side, and with our sales representatives armed to the teeth with knowledge of the best products to deliver the best results, you’ll have nothing but happy, satisfied brides and grooms, or should we say husbands and wives, enjoying your cakes! The top quality ingredients that BakeMark offers will literally be the icing on the happy couple’s perfect cake, and day.