Red Velvet Season is Approaching

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Season is Approaching

Springtime is coming, believe it or not, and with comes several spring holidays that we all love to celebrate. Amongst them is Valentine’s Day, or as we refer to it in the bakery industry, Red Velvet season!

Red is for Cake

Not only is love in the air on Valentine’s Day, but the holiday itself is synonymous with a few colors, the main one being red. This year, it doesn’t have to just be the hearts that are red, turn your bakery case red too with offerings of Red Velvet cake to help any lovebird celebrate the holiday.

But it doesn’t have to stop at cake – make cupcakes and donuts too…and that way, you can celebrate your love with these vibrant treats all day long! BakeMark can help you make it happen with Westco Red Velvet Cake Mix or Westco Red Velvet Donut Mix. Top them both with cream cheese frosting and Sprinkelina Valentine’s sprinkles for a festive and romantic treat!

These treats will be so cute that they could double as romantic treats or fun treats for the kids, and either way, everyone will be happy to get such delicious gifts for the holiday!

Quality and Convenience

As always, BakeMark offers the quality and convenience you want and need for your bakery. Our Red Velvet options are no different, and they will have everyone excited to celebrate the holiday with delicious treats you can have ready in no time. And of course the best part is that your customers will enjoy the same quality they are already used to from all the other great BakeMark products you use! There are never any surprises when it comes to using BakeMark products, you always know you are getting quality and convenience all in one. Reach out to your BakeMark rep today for more information on how we can help make your Valentine’s day even sweeter!

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Celebrating Dia de Los Reyes

Dia de los Reyes

Celebrating Dia de Los Reyes

January 6th is a special day in the Hispanic culture. On that day, Hispanics celebrate Dia de Los Reyes, or the Epiphany. This day represents the day that the Three Wise Men came bearing gift to the baby Jesus.

Why is this important in the bakery business? Well, because along with this celebration, Hispanic families serve Rosca de Reyes, or King’s Cake. King’s Cake is well known in the United States as part of the Mardi Gras celebration. For those celebrating Dia de Los Reyes, it doesn’t wait until then to make its appearance. It is an important element to the family celebration. This is what brings everyone together in remembrance of the true meaning of Christmas.

Dia de Los Reyes Traditions

The celebration of the Epiphany, or Dia de Los Reyes, is extremely important in Hispanic culture. Part of the celebration includes the Rosca de Reyes, a celebration of the Three Wise Men and also the baby Jesus. Rosca means “wreath” and Reyes means “kings”. The shape of the cake is symbolic of a crown, as it is shaped like an oval. The plastic baby inside the cake represents the baby Jesus, and whoever is served the piece of cake containing the baby must host a party in February to celebrate Dia de la Candelaria. This day brings the official close to the holiday season.

An Epiphany to Remember

With BakeMark’s help, you can help create an Epiphany to remember for all of your customers! We have everything you need, from start to finish, to help make memories for a lifetime.

Use our Trigal Dorado Bizcocho Mix to whip up the Rosca de Reyes itself, but what BakeMark has to offer doesn’t end there! We also have the acitron strips that traditionally adorn the top of the cake in our Trigal Dorado line, and we even have the plastic babies to go inside the cake! When we tell you that we can help you from start to finish, we really mean it! Contact your BakeMark rep today to see how we can help you with this special project!

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What is a Fruitcake Anyway?


What is in a Fruitcake Anyway?

3-Step Fruitcake

Here is one recipe that is a proven winner.  Substitute water for light Rum if you’d like, but most of the alcoholic content evaporates during baking and leaves the wonderful flavor in the fruits:


  • In one pint of light rum, soak overnight in a closed container
    • Glacè Fruit (any / colorful), White Raisins, Craisins, Date Chunks, etc.
  • At 300°F for 15 minutes, lightly roast 3 lbs. nuts (whole or pieces)
    • Cashews, walnuts, and pecans are preferred


  • Scale and mix in low speed for 5 minutes (add the liquids to the bowl first)
5LBWestco Ultra Rich Crème Cake Mix
1LB 12ozWhole Eggs
2LBSoft or Melted Butter
  • Additional flavors can also be added to the batter if desired.


  • By hand, fold Step # 1 into Step # 2. 
  • Scale into desired pans. 
  • Bake at 300 ºF for 45 minutes.
  • Garnish with additional fruit & nuts if desired.
  • Bake for an additional 30 minutes or until a probe comes out cleanly. 
  • Glaze with undiluted and melted Westco Apri-Glo*.

Westco Apri-Glo will dry to a tack-free shine that can be overwrapped or packaged without melting or dissolving.  It also works well with Danish Pastries, Cinnamon Rolls, and Coffee Cakes adding extra shine and extending shelf life by several days

ANSWER: Wonderful Holiday Traditions, Extra Sales, Higher Profits!

This holiday season capture the magic of traditional, flavorful, and decorative fruitcakes straight from your bakery’s oven.  “Fruitcake,” you may ask? The answer is a resounding, YES!! 

Some Fruitcake Background

The tradition of holiday fruitcakes dates back to the colonists in and around the time of the American Revolution.  Because it is so rich in healthy carbohydrates, the fruitcake was considered to be a tried-and-true “energy bar” by colonial troops giving them strength and endurance.  When they returned home from the battlefield for the holidays, the soldiers brought with them a demand for the delicious fruitcake they remember.  They renewed that demand year-after-year, and a tradition was born. 

How Fruitcake is Made

There’s no set recipe for fruitcake, and the baker (you) are free to create customized masterpieces with ingredients you like.  Three things are constant:  1) A fruitcake is PACKED with fruits and nuts;  2) BakeMark Cake Mixes (Ultra Rich Crème Cake Mix) provide time saving, quality mixes to bind the ingredients together;  3) You’ll create a delicious and beautiful tradition for your customers who will remember and demand your fruitcake year after year. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Premium Product – Premium Pricing

Fruitcake enjoys the perception of a premium baked good.  Because fruits and nuts are around 70% of the product ingredients, fruitcake is heavier than almost any other bread or pastry.  And the extra attention you provide to glazing and placing decorative ingredients, you can price each masterpiece as a work of art.  Higher price?  Added demand?  Extra profits!!! 

There’s No Time to Waste

For a cake with alcoholic ingredients, you should some time (maybe a month or so?) in refrigeration so the tannins in the alcohol will mellow and soften with age.  We’ve provided a tried-and-true recipe here, but your BakeMark Sales Representative will be able to guide you to a baked masterpiece that will provide extra traditional holiday sales and profits and put your Salesclerks, Bakers, and Customers in the holiday spirit.  Ask him or her for additional ideas about production, packaging, presentation, marketing and ways to unlock the potential of fruitcake for your shop. 

Happy fruitcake-filled holidays! 

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Earn Brownie Points with our Brownie Mixes!


Earn Brownie Points with BakeMark Mixes!

Fudgy, delicious brownies are a fan favorite and are also likely a staple in your bakery lineup. If they aren’t already, you’re going to want to make them a star on your menu, and BakeMark can help you do just that!

National Brownie Day

Although we think every day should be brownie day, there is actually a National Brownie Day holiday on December 8 – and what better way to celebrate it than with a pan of amazing fudgy brownies? We can help you celebrate this great holiday, and every day for that matter, with our easy-to-use and high-quality mixes.

Brownies are Versatile!

No matter how you look at it, brownies are a versatile item. You can offer traditional brownies cut in squares, brownie bites in bite-sized cups, or even add special things to the brownies and offer things like salted caramel brownies or cheesecake brownies! The possibilities are truly endless, and with BakeMark’s easy mixes, you’ll have your new lineup of brownies ready in no time at all.

Do your customers like fudgy brownies? Westco’s Gourmet Brownie Mix (48240) is a perfect fit for fudgy brownies! Maybe they prefer cake-like brownies? The extra-moist brownie mix is your answer. Perhaps your customers are worried about clean labels, and if that’s the case, BakeMark has you covered with our clean label mix. And of course, you can offer them all, it’s simple and only requires a few mixes on your shelf!

Enjoy Delicious Brownies 

No matter what kind of brownies your crowds are asking for, BakeMark can help you make just what they want, every day of the year and not just on National Brownie Day! If you’re looking to expand your bakery offerings or just make things easier for yourself and your staff, contact your BakeMark rep today to learn more!

Winter Wonderland Brownie Squares Recipe

Westco Gourmet Brownie Mix48240
Westco Vanilla Buttercreme Icing30900
Color Liquid Gel Teal11987
Color Liquid Gel Red11992
Color Liquid Gel Lemon11812
BakeSense Gumpaste52268
Sprinkelina White Non Pareils52400
Sprinkelina Shape Mix Snowflakes92344
Winter Wonderland Brownie

The Amazing Flavors of Fall

The Amazing Fall Flavors

As the trees begin to change to beautiful shades of blazing red, yellow, and orange, so do the flavors. Flavor Profiles begin to change to meet the distinguishing fall palates of your customers. If you’re not sure how to create those fall flavors or even where to start, BakeMark can help!

Warm Fall Flavors

BakeMark’s Westco line features a wide variety of premium flavors. Ones that will help you get into the fall spirit right along with the changing leaves and temperatures. Spice up your fall baked good selection with flavors like Rummette, Almond, and Maplette, all part of the Westco lineup.

All these options are great, but don’t forget about the classic pumpkin and cinnamon flavors too! These are great fall standards that everyone craves when fall and winter hit, so you don’t want to ever leave those out of your lineup either.

These premium flavors are easily used to flavor donuts, cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, but get creative and take it even further! Try flavoring pies and biscuits using these great fall flavors and create something your customers didn’t even think existed. These rich flavors will have your customers (and you!) wondering where these products ever were and will keep them coming back each fall for years to come.

Not up for those ones?

If you aren’t up for those fall flavors, don’t worry! BakeMark has lots more options that include your classic flavors like vanilla, strawberry, or banana. Either way, BakeMark certainly has something that will satisfy any customer that walks in your door and can help you keep them satisfied by providing their favorites as well as some variety.

Like the idea of both?

You’re in luck – our flavors are meant to mix and match! Create a Maple Bourbon donut or an Almond Vanilla Cupcake, or maybe mix banana and Rummette to create a tropical feeling even as the weather gets cooler! The possibilities are endless, just like the colors and flavors of fall. 

If you’re still not totally sure, don’t hesitate – contact your BakeMark rep today to help you decide what options work best for you! Your cash registers will be ringing constantly with customers loving what you have to offer with the help of BakeMark.

Rudimentary Baking Tips and Tricks

baking tips

Rudimentary Baking Tips and Tricks

Simple Handling Techniques you Probably Already know!

Experience is the best teacher in life, and it is definitely the best teacher in the bakery, as well.  What works? What doesn’t work? And … do you really have to experience everything to know every answer?  Here are some quick baking tips and tricks – some you may already know – but some you may not.  If you don’t, let the extensive experience of BakeMark work for you! 

Baking Tip #1: Soften your Chocolate Icing

If you need to soften chocolate icing in your icing pan for donuts, cakes, eclairs, or any baked good, pour warm coffee – as needed – into the icing and stir with the back of a metal spoon.  Experience shows that both the flavor and the rich brown color of the chocolate are actually enhanced by the addition of coffee with NO coffee taste or aftertaste.  Although warm water does soften icing, the chocolate flavor is weakened and the color fades. 

Baking Tip #2: Icing Maple Bars

Weirdly, it’s difficult to duplicate maple bar icing color from day to day, and the final finish sometimes looks dull and dark.  Experience shows that allowing the bar to cool thoroughly before icing is the answer to uniform color – every time!  Try frying the bars and putting them on the tray to cool.  After you fry off your next cut, go back and ice the maple bars.  Works every time!

Baking Tip #3: Pre-coat Inclusions

Making scratch blueberry muffins or chocolate chip cakes? Try applying a thin coat of flour to the fruit, candy, or nuts before adding them to your batter.  It’s a simple way to keep the inclusions from sinking to the bottom and the flavor evenly distributed.

Baking Tip #4: Solving Cloudy Glaze

If you experience teeny, tiny cracks that gives the appearance of cloudy glaze, we feel your pain.  In fact, our Westco Honey Pectin Glaze was invented as simple syrup to thin your glaze and provide the brilliant shine that helps sell product.  Ask your BakeMark Sales Representative to demonstrate how this product can help make your display case glow! 

Baking Tip #5: Strengthen Aged Bicarbonate Soda

Of course, you should replace your bicarbonate of soda every month for maximum strength.  However, if you’ve run past the “best by” date, experience shows that in a pinch adding just a bit more bicarbonate of soda helps prevent flat cookies until you can bring in fresh supplies. 

Your Trusted Partners at BakeMark

Beyond these simple baking tips, first-hand experience counts, count on your BakeMark Sales Representative.  Not only do they have real-world bakery experience, but they have the resource of BakeMark behind them.  In addition to idea exchanges with other sales reps, product technicians and a full quality assurance staff ensure that there are no unearthed problems with which you have to deal.  The BakeMark “family” (that means you) makes sure that all members share successful tips, tricks, and experience so we all succeed.   

Make Holiday Impressions Last for Long Term Success

Holiday Baking

Your Holiday Baking Contributes to Long-Term Success

Emphasize the Basics: Quality. Cleanliness. Service.

Every year, the holidays present an awesome opportunity to increase sales and profits – both short-term and long-term.  What your customers think about you, your employees, and your store decorations when they buy holiday-themed baked goods for this year’s special events will go a long way towards where they buy baked goods next week, next month, and well beyond the 2021 holidays!  Now is the time to make your holiday baking a strong, lasting impression of excellence.  Things that will influence their memories well beyond holiday cheer?  The basics: Quality. Cleanliness. Service. 

Quality Baking Products

BakeMark customers (that’s you) are already ahead of the curve when it comes to high quality baked goods.  You’re starting with the very best products (ingredients, mixes, icings, fillings, toppings, finished goods, supplies, et. al.) available in the baking industry.  You also have the bonus of your BakeMark Sales Representative who can steer you toward creating the best products, decorations, and displays.  Take advantage of this tremendous resource every chance you get.  Quality product means great taste, great appearance, and so much more! 

Store Cleanliness all Holiday Season

Of course, the floor must be swept and your countertop and display case must be immaculate.  But it’s also important to look at your store is if it is a giant report card to ensure a squeaky-clean impression on your customers.  Grade yourself.  Look at the walls for smudges.  Can you give yourself an A?  Are your posters fresh and clean? (Ask your BakeMark Sales Rep for new, unfaded replacements)  How about the sidewalk? The trash cans? The windows? These are the things that subconsciously influence future buying decisions.  Don’t stop inspecting and cleaning until your holiday report card has straight A’s. 

Fantastic Service

You can count on a cheery holiday greeting to start a successful transaction with every customer who enters your shop.  But that’s just the beginning. Make sure to suggest ways to improve each experience.  “We have warm cinnamon rolls this morning.  Would you like to try one for the road?”  “Would you like to take a few holiday sprinkled cake donuts back to the office for your staff?”  Even a simple “Can I make your fresh, hot coffee a large?” will let your customers know you care.  Of course, a cheery “Happy Holidays” is always a memorable close. 

Take Advantage of the Holidays

This year’s holidays give you a head start for all of next year.  Customers who visit your shop for the first time will take advantage of your creative baked goods and fun-filled decorations.  After that, it’s time for you to parlay that initial visit into many more returns for each and every customer.  Always remember that the holidays bring them in, but quality, cleanliness, and service bring them back tomorrow and for years to come! 

BakeMark Celebrates Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

BakeMark Celebrates Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a holiday celebrated annually in the Mexican culture. This day is not to mourn over the dead, but rather to celebrate those people who have passed on. What better way to celebrate than with food which is a large part of this yearly celebration.

Day of the Dead baking traditions

One of the most widely known symbols of Dia de los Muertos is the sugar skull, a candy shared in celebration of the holiday. Another tradition for this celebration is Pan de Muerto, otherwise known as the Bread of the Dead. Traditionally, Pan de Muerto is decorated with bone like dough pieces on top. This is a sweet bread with many varieties using different colors and designs. But whatever twist you decide to put on it, the traditional bread is one that certainly appeals to the masses.  

With the help of BakeMark’s Trigal Dorado line, we’ll have you baking up Pan de Muerto in no time. You’ll be helping your customers celebrate this special and traditional holiday in no time! It’s as easy as adding water, yeast and margarine to the mixes and popping them into the oven. With the demand you will have, this time saving mix will deliver consistent, quality, authentic Pan de Muerto.

We have an array of traditional Hispanic bread mixes to choose from. From bizcocho to mantecadas, all of these delicious treats will have your customers smiling with delight. They can now purchase any traditional holiday baked goods directly from you.

Keeping Hispanic Traditions Alive

We recognize that food truly brings people together and often times is the cornerstone for many cultural traditions. BakeMark strives to help keep these important Hispanic traditions alive, and that’s a huge reason why we are so proud to offer our Hispanic mixes in our Trigal Dorado line. Not every baker is intimately familiar with Hispanic and Mexican baking traditions, but our Trigal Dorado line makes it simple without sacrificing quality, and provides the authentic flavors so you can give your community the bread they can continue breaking together.

Remember to Check with BakeMark First!

Always remember that BakeMark is here to help, no matter what the project is – from traditional cakes and icings to donuts, to traditional Hispanic baked goods. We offer a full lineup of great options to help your bakery grow and satisfy your customers at the same time. Reach out to your BakeMark rep today for more information!

Sprinkling the Spooky Season Around

Sprinkling the Spooky Season Around

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes an abundance of candy. This doesn’t mean it can’t also come with baked goods too!

Spooky Treats

Not all spooky treats are found in trick or treat bags. BakeMark can help you make treats that will have your customers screaming with delight. Your creativity will be flowing freely with all the amazing options at your fingertips, and before you know it, people will be lining up to “trick or treat” your deliciously spooky Halloween treats!

Sprinkles make it special

BakeMark’s line of special holiday Sprinkelina sprinkles will make you wonder why you ever went anywhere else for decorations. With countless colorful options, these sprinkles are bound to make your bakery the talk of the town. They’ll add a fun & festive pop to any of the baked goods you have to offer and will enhance spooky season for everyone who walks through the door of your shop!

You can choose from our our brand new Wizardly Blend for some added shapes and colors, our Spooky Mix to add some pop to your creations, and our Classic Halloween Mix of orange and black- the signature October 31st colors.

Fun & Festive

You already know that BakeMark offers you great products that help you give your customers the quality every-day classics they crave. And of course, you’re more than familiar with the quality of our ingredients that save you time and hassle of making everything from scratch.

But, did you know that BakeMark can also help you with new easy recipes? It’s true!

For instance, check out this festive recipe for an impressive Halloween dessert, the Halloween Ring Cake. This easy-to-make recipe will bring ooh’s and ahh’s to your bakery case with some spooky fun baked right in! Using just a handful of BakeMark’s signature ingredients, you’ll have some festive fun baked up in no time at all.

The best part of running a bakery is seeing the reactions of your customers to what you’ve created! Halloween is one of those holidays that can bring out the child-like wonder in all of us, so let BakeMark help you create something that will do just that!

At the end of the day, you can trust us to help your business grow. No tricks, just treats!

Fall is All About the Color!

Fall is All About the Color!

The onset of fall brings many things: cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice everything, and vibrant colors everywhere you look! Why should your bakery’s fall cookie selection be any different than the trees outside?

Spice it Up with Sprinkelina

Maybe you didn’t know it, but BakeMark is more than just top-quality baking mixes, fillings and icings.. We also offer everything you need to finish off those delicious baked goods in a festive way! Our entire lineup of Sprinkelina sprinkles and toppings will help any bakery breathe colorful fall life into their cookie display cases.

Fun & Festive

With BakeMark’s fun & festive Halloween and Fall Sprinkelina lineup, you don’t have to look anywhere else to get exactly what you are looking for this season. Is it simple you’re looking for? We’ve got red, orange, yellow, black, purple, and dark chocolate sprinkles perfect to help celebrate the fall and Halloween seasons.

If it’s something a little fancier you’re looking for, we feature several mixes like our Autumn mix and Halloween mix, both mixtures of colors like orange, yellow, black, and brown. Not only that, we also feature a Spooky Mix which is perfect for Halloween with orange, purple, black, and white. A fan favorite is nonpareils, and we also offer a fall mix of those in yellow, orange, and brown.

Confetti Mixes & More Sparkle!

The lineup doesn’t end there, though! We feature 4 different colors of twinkle pearls to delight those who love sparkle and shine – they are available in red, orange, yellow, and purple! These can be used during the fall season and even into Christmas and beyond, just think of all the uses for them!

Speaking of shimmer and shine, BakeMark is also proud to supply glitter glazes that are perfect for cookies this fall season. These come in great fall colors like mango yellow, apricot orange, and lime green.

Finally, our new confetti mixes are sure to be a crowd favorite at any bakery this season. Our Fall Confetti Mix, Candy Corn Confetti Mix, and Wizardly Blend are all perfect for the season and will give your cookies just the right fall touch!

Don’t miss out on all these quality options from BakeMark to make your fall season even better! Contact your sales rep today to discuss your options.