Elevate Your Thanksgiving Baking: Beyond Pies

Thanksgiving Baking

Thanksgiving is a golden opportunity for bakeries to showcase their creativity and attract a swarm of customers eager for festive treats. While pies are a staple and beloved choice, diversifying your bakery’s menu can set you apart and boost your sales significantly this fall. In this post, We will share some innovative and delicious ideas to complement the classic pies, ensuring your bakery becomes the go-to spot for Thanksgiving desserts to ease your customer’s Thanksgiving Baking.

Savory Breads and Rolls

Thanksgiving dinners are incomplete without a basket of warm, freshly baked bread. Introduce a variety of savory bread and rolls infused with herbs like rosemary, thyme, or sage. You could also experiment with stuffed bread, incorporating ingredients such as cheese, garlic, or caramelized onions. These aromatic and flavorful additions will surely leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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Delectable Cakes and Cupcakes

Expand your menu with autumn-themed cakes and cupcakes. Think spices, nuts, and fruits! Spice cakes, carrot cakes, or apple cinnamon cupcakes can become instant hits. BakeMark has all the cake mixes you need to bring a wide range of fall flavors to your bakery this month. Don’t forget to decorate them with festive icing or toppings to make them irresistible. Sprinkelina’s line of Autumn colors will make any bakery case vibrant.

Fall Inspired Cookie

Cookies are a great addition to any Thanksgiving spread. Offer a range of options from classic chocolate chip to fall-inspired flavors like pumpkin spice, maple pecan, or cranberry orange. You could also offer beautifully decorated sugar cookies in shapes like leaves, pumpkins, or turkeys.

Traditional With a Twist

You can also add a modern twist to traditional Thanksgiving desserts. Update the classic apple pie with a salted caramel drizzle, or create a pumpkin cheesecake with a gingerbread crust. These twists on classics can attract both pie lovers and those looking for something new.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to showcase the versatility and creativity of your bakery. By expanding your menu beyond pies, you not only cater to a wider audience but also increase your potential for sales and customer loyalty. Remember, the key to a successful Thanksgiving menu is quality ingredients and innovative ideas. So, get baking, and let your bakery shine this fall season! Take that Thanksgiving Baking hassle our of your customer’s To Do’s on that already busy day.

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BakeMark Posters for Every Occasion

The business end of our baking industry seems to be in a constant state of flux.  That is, the rules and regulations addressing the way we deal with the COVID-19 virus have been changing frequently.  In fact, it seems like there’s a new set of governmental directives about how we can provide fresh, delicious baked goods to our customers almost every day. 

To keep up with the ever-changing business environment, BakeMark has produced a set of window posters to help you broadcast how your bakery working from day to day.  Choose one or choose them all (just in case).  FREE! 

CURBSIDE PICKUP now available / ENTREGAMOS a su auto.

An attractive, bright blue poster that gives you a nice space to customize a way to place a “no-touch” order.  Clearly write your phone number, email address, or both in the space provided.  When they call or write, have their order ready, and take your bakery business to the curb! 

OPEN FOR TAKE OUT.  Made fresh and delicious / LISTO PARA LLEVAR.  Recien hecho y delicious

If you’re able to allow customers in your shop for “to go” orders, this attractive, bright green poster is for you.  We give you the option of placing orders by phone, e-mail, or in your shop (when dine-in options are prohibited).   For advance orders, clearly write your phone number, email address, or both in the space provided.  When they call or write, have their order ready and do business right over the counter. 

DELIVERY AVAILABLE – It doesn’t get sweeter than that / SE LO ENTREGAMOS – Algo dulce, ¡asi de facil!

If you subscribe to one or more delivery services, this beautiful purple poster for you.  We give you a large area to customize contact information to services, like DoorDash, PostMates, or UberEats – OR – your own contact information in case you have a way to deliver. 

Each poster is available in both English and Spanish.  It might be good to keep a couple of options handy just in case the business of doing business changes again tomorrow or the day after or the day after.  Just ask your BakeMark Sales Representative, and he or she will bring them to your shop.

It’s a proud time to be in the baking industry and support the health and well-being of our customers during this crisis.  Stay safe, and let’s get through this together.  Always remember:  BakeMark is here to help.