BakeMark Celebrates Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

BakeMark Celebrates Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a holiday celebrated annually in the Mexican culture. This day is not to mourn over the dead, but rather to celebrate those people who have passed on. What better way to celebrate than with food which is a large part of this yearly celebration.

Day of the Dead baking traditions

One of the most widely known symbols of Dia de los Muertos is the sugar skull, a candy shared in celebration of the holiday. Another tradition for this celebration is Pan de Muerto, otherwise known as the Bread of the Dead. Traditionally, Pan de Muerto is decorated with bone like dough pieces on top. This is a sweet bread with many varieties using different colors and designs. But whatever twist you decide to put on it, the traditional bread is one that certainly appeals to the masses.  

With the help of BakeMark’s Trigal Dorado line, we’ll have you baking up Pan de Muerto in no time. You’ll be helping your customers celebrate this special and traditional holiday in no time! It’s as easy as adding water, yeast and margarine to the mixes and popping them into the oven. With the demand you will have, this time saving mix will deliver consistent, quality, authentic Pan de Muerto.

We have an array of traditional Hispanic bread mixes to choose from. From bizcocho to mantecadas, all of these delicious treats will have your customers smiling with delight. They can now purchase any traditional holiday baked goods directly from you.

Keeping Hispanic Traditions Alive

We recognize that food truly brings people together and often times is the cornerstone for many cultural traditions. BakeMark strives to help keep these important Hispanic traditions alive, and that’s a huge reason why we are so proud to offer our Hispanic mixes in our Trigal Dorado line. Not every baker is intimately familiar with Hispanic and Mexican baking traditions, but our Trigal Dorado line makes it simple without sacrificing quality, and provides the authentic flavors so you can give your community the bread they can continue breaking together.

Remember to Check with BakeMark First!

Always remember that BakeMark is here to help, no matter what the project is – from traditional cakes and icings to donuts, to traditional Hispanic baked goods. We offer a full lineup of great options to help your bakery grow and satisfy your customers at the same time. Reach out to your BakeMark rep today for more information!

Keep Your Eyes on the Pies!

Keep Your Eyes on the Pies, Thanksgiving Pies!

As the weather begins to change and we enter into the fall season, of course, people are thinking of pumpkins, changing leaves, Halloween, and cooler temperatures.

While all of these things all signify fall in one way or another, there’s another part of the season that is coming up that we all look forward to as well…Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving: More than Turkey!

What’s Thanksgiving without some turkey, right? We tend to think of the turkey as the star of the Thanksgiving dinner show, but BakeMark is here to let you know that the real highlight of the Thanksgiving dinner is really the pie served for dessert!

What’s Thanksgiving without some turkey, right? We tend to think of the turkey as the star of the Thanksgiving dinner show, but BakeMark is here to let you know that the real highlight of the Thanksgiving dinner is really the pie served for dessert!

Pies are the real stars

Yes, there is something comforting about delicious turkey sitting in your stomach, but think about it- no matter how stuffed you are, you always make sure you leave some room for pie. After all, we save the best for last, don’t we? The Thanksgiving staple is of course the classic and ever-so-popular pumpkin pie, and BakeMark offers you a top-quality, easy-to-use solution with our BakeSense Canned Pumpkin and BakeSense Pumpkin Spice. Pumpkin pie is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Thanks to BakeMark, you’ll be making pies as fast as you can sell them! People will be lining up at your door to get their holiday pumpkin pies, so it’s a good thing that everything we offer is easy to use and of the highest quality. It will make your life as easy as pie.

We’re berry serious about our fillings

If your customers aren’t feeling the pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, that’s not a problem! BakeMark has a variety of fillings from the industry’s largest fillings portfolio. Our private brands of Westo, Best Brands and Trigal Dorado offer delicious fillings flavors made with the best ingredients.

Looking to make apple, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, or peach pies? We have good news for you – we’re a one-stop-shop for all your pie needs. We even have exotic flavors like mango or guava for unique pie offerings that most bakeries do not even attempt!

And of course, BakeMark is also here to help you with the pie crust. Our Snot Block Crust Base creates a buttery, delicious crust from a base. Your customers will never know you didn’t make it completely from scratch, and why would they even need to know?! The product is delicious, the base is extremely versatile and can be used in other applications, and it makes the pie-making process even easier for you.

Trust us, BakeMark really can make life easier for you with our selection of quality, versatile products. We’re so occu-pied with helping you grow and nurturing our partnerships…pi is even built into our company core values! Reach out to your sales representative today to review our fall planning guide that includes special holiday recipes!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage with BakeMark!

Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage with BakeMark!

National Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15. BakeMark has just what you need to help your customers celebrate in style this year!

Rich Hispanic Flavors

The Hispanic culture has many fabulous flavors (and colors!). BakeMark’s Trigal Dorado line can help you whip up just about any of those traditional, beautiful pastries. Pastries beloved by all who appreciate sweet breads and festive treats. Not only can BakeMark offer you the rich flavors of what Hispanic pastries hold, we also provide you with easy-to-use mixes that deliver the authentic flavors to your customers.

Authentic Hispanic Flavors

As mentioned, BakeMark’s Trigal Dorado line offers the most diverse line of products that give you amazing flavors, all with the ease of use you’ve become accustomed to with BakeMark! And what better way to honor National Hispanic Heritage Month than to bring into your shops some favorites that make up your local Panaderias? We offer mixes for Conchas, Tres Leches, Pan Fino, Danes, Guayaba, and so much more!

Another popular favorite is the beloved churro. Our Trigal Dorado thaw-and-serve churros can help you gain even more sales while satisfying popular demands. They even come with fillings for that extra kick in flavor. How about some traditional flan? We’ve got a flan-tastic mix to serve some up!

Are your customers looking for muffins with a Hispanic flair? We’ve got you covered with our Trigal Dorado Mantecada de Mantequilla Mix. It’s easy to use and delivers consistent results. If it’s not muffins they’re craving, maybe it’s cookies. In that case, our Trigal Dorado Galleta & Polvoron Mix can come to the rescue.

Let’s not forget the largest fillings portfolio on the market! Our Westco, Best Brands and Trigal Dorado fillings are made with real fruit and are sure to please the taste buds. You can fill your pastries with guava, mango or dulce de leche just to name a few. Each bite your customer takes will leave them wanting more!

Quality & Versatility

As with all BakeMark products, you aren’t going to sacrifice quality for ease of use with any of these mixes. You’ll be able to offer the authentic flavors with the same quality and versatility that you’re already used to with BakeMark. You also have the advantage of having such a wide portfolio of products right at your fingertips to offer amazing Hispanic baked goods and desserts. With everything BakeMark can offer you to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, why look anywhere else?

Contact your BakeMark rep today to discuss your options and have product ready to go in plenty of time for this National celebration of Hispanic heritage.

We Like Fresh Buns and We Cannot Lie!

Hamburger Buns

We Like Fresh Buns and We Cannot Lie

Summer might be winding down, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of cookout season just yet! Better yet, why not celebrate an ultimate summer holiday in style?

No, we’re not talking about Labor Day – we are talking about National Burger Day! BakeMark can help you and your customers celebrate this most amazing of days with amazing options for the buns to put the burgers on.

A Burger Just Isn’t a Burger Without a Bun!

Did you know that BakeMark offers several different options to help you give your customers the best burger buns they’ve ever had? It’s true!

For fresh made buns from a mix, look no further than Westco Bread and Bun Base or Best Brands Soft Bread and Bun Base. Both will have you baking up amazing classic buns that your customers will love, and don’t forget the BakeSense toppings too! You can jazz up that plain roll with some sesame seeds, poppy seeds or pumpkin seeds from our BakeSense line of toppings!

If you’re looking to up your burger game and want to create a more Artisan style bun, turn to our Artisan Crusty Bread Base or our Ancient Grains Bread Base. We also have our exotic Mauisada Mix for an authentic Hawaiian fried bun. Whatever your customer is looking for in a fresh-baked roll, you can provide it for them!

Need more convenience?

If you’re looking for something a little more convenient than our mixes (which, by the way, are still super easy and convenient), we also offer our BakeQwik line of frozen rolls. These are as easy as thaw, bake, and sell. The best part is, as easy as it is for you to make them, your customers will only see fresh-baked rolls and never know that they were made from a frozen dough.

More than just one day!

National Burger Day may just be one day a year, but don’t let that stop you from offering these great fresh-baked bun options all year long! Labor Day is quickly approaching and tailgating season will follow that, so kick off the fall barbeque season by celebrating National Burger Day and showing your customers just what you can offer them any time of year. Let BakeMark help you provide the highest quality buns with the most convenient options on the market.

Back to School!

Back to School

It’s time to head back to school, and is there anything more reminiscent of going back to school than the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Whether it’s in that brown bag lunch being carried out the door in the morning or it’s a snack waiting on the counter when the kids get off the bus, the classic peanut butter and jelly combo has been there to comfort so many of us through the years across many generations.

But…what does that have to do with my bakery business?


Even if you aren’t offering the classic PB&J sandwich at your store, you can still usher in the goodies that include peanut butter and jelly and align it perfectly with the back to school season.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Donuts

Sanwhiches may not be th ebest option for your situation, so how about incorporating the combo into America’s favorite pastry: donuts!

PB&J donuts can satisfy any cravings for sweets or even act as a quick breakfast for the kids and adults alike. It may not be a sandwich, but the combinations of peanut butter, jelly and sweet dough will certainly bring back those wonderful child memories that all adults carry with them, while creating new memories for todays’ young ones. Our Westco French Cruller Mix is the perfect mix to use to create these delicious PB&J snacks. This mix results in air pockets specifically designed for fillings- giving you the perfect space to fill up them up with our BakeSense Natural Creamy Peanut Butter and our Westco Strawberry or Blueberry fillings. With the largest fillings portfolio in the market, the possibilities are endless with BakeMark!  

Sandwich Packs 

If you still want to stick to the traditional bread and fillings combo, you can still offer fresh-made bread and buns using our convenient mixes. Our Best Brands Super Soft Bread & Bun Base and our Westco White Bread Base mixes are so easy to use and save you so much time, you’ll be dishing out fresh bread in no time! BakeMark has all you need to provide your customers with a quick and easy option to prep those lunches for the kids as the back-to-school craziness sets in! 

What other options can you offer me? 

BakeMark has so much more to offer for you to be as creative as you’d like! From our frozen line of ready-to-use laminated doughs, to our hundreds of choices of donut mixes, BakeMark has all your baking needs to create as many variations of classics as you can think of.  

The difference between what your customers can pick up off a grocery store shelf versus what they can get from you is the best quality taste with the convenience that everyone craves. Using BakeMark’s quality ingredients and making it even more convenient for your customers will make all the difference and keep your customers loyal and coming back for more! 

All You Knead is BakeMark this Fall

All You Knead is BakeMark this Fall

Soon, the sweltering summer air will start changing to a crisp fall breeze, and the trees will begin to change from bright green to brilliant shades of orange, red, and yellow that signal the coming of the next season. As the seasons change, so do your customer’s needs and wants – and what pairs more perfectly with a transition into fall than warm, delicious bread? Especially when it is made with quality bread ingredients!

Bread doesn’t have to be difficult!

We really mean it – bread doesn’t have to be difficult at all! Using BakeMark’s signature products like our BakeSense Sup-R-Rise Frozen Concentrated Yeast, our Westco and Best Brands line of bread mixes, bases and improvers, and our collection of BakeSense nuts & seeds, you can create your very own bread masterpieces that will keep customers coming back for more. Even better? You’ll do it with the quality and convenience of BakeMark!

A bread base?

Yes, you did read that part correctly – we offer a bread bases that are packed full of unique blends of ancient grains and seeds. Our Westco and Best Brands bread bases are very popular, especially in the fall when people are craving a hearty flavor in their breads. The base itself already creates an eye-appealing crust and crumb color, but enhancing it with our BakeSense seeds & nuts will take it over the crust…er, we mean top!

What kind of nuts & seeds do you offer?

Our BakeSense collection of nuts & seeds will provide you with just about any type of seed you’d think to put on top of bread! Poppy seeds? We have got you covered there! Sesame seeds are another favorite of many consumers, and we have those for you as well. But what really screams fall? You got it – pumpkin seeds! Try pairing pumpkin seeds with any of our bread bases and we can almost guarantee you’ll hit it right out of the park!

But…will it rise?

Yes! When we say we have you covered, we really do. Our BakeSense Sup-R-Rise Frozen Concentrated Yeast is “sup-r” convenient because it can stay frozen and has a 2-year shelf life, meaning you can stock up and not worry about running out. Not only that, but the conversion rate on the concentrated yeast will help save you time and money in the long run! Combine all of these amazing ingredients together to create the delicious bread with the perfect crunch on the crust that your customers will be craving this fall.

Versatility, Quality, & Convenience

At BakeMark, we are truly here to help you succeed! We are all about versatility, quality, and convenience, and our bread products really showcase that point. Reach out to your sales rep today to see how BakeMark can help you succeed in the bread market this fall.


RAISED DONUT PRODUCTION 101A..A Key to Perfection – Precise Temperature Control

yeast raised donut


A Key to Perfection – Precise Temperature Control 

Making yeast raised donuts is a cinch.  Right?  After all, it’s the mainstay of every donut shop, and everyone knows how to make raised product.  Or do they?  It’s so important to stress the basics of making good raised product to your bakers so that the rest of your donut offering has a firm foundation and a chance to really sing to your customers.  And one of the most important basic procedures involves temperature control every step of the way. 


Perhaps the most critical area when making raised product, but one that is overlooked the most, is temperature.  You must be constantly aware of temperature to produce consistently good raised product.  Pay close attention to the temperature of your BakeMark Yeast Raised Donut Mixes, of the room, of your tap water, of your dough, and of your shortening.  Variances of these temperatures will greatly affect the finished product – so be alert!


Years of trial and error have proven that raised product dough should be cut when it is about 82°f to 85°f (high altitudes – ask your BakeMark Sales Representative).   To make sure the dough is the correct temperature, you must consider a few outside factors.  For example, if the ambient temperature of the room and dry mix is cold, you need to add warm water for your dough to be the correct temperature at cutting time.  On the other hand, if your room and dry mix are very warm, the water you add should be cool.  An “instant read thermometer” is a must – and – your BakeMark Sales Representative will be able to help find the right balance of temperatures for ideal raised dough. 


When your donuts are ready to fry, make sure your shortening is 385°f.  Frying at higher temperatures prevents the donut from expanding during the cooking time.  Frying at lower temperatures could result in uncooked dough and excess shortening absorption.  Take some time to be sure your fryer thermostat is always working properly and giving correct temperature indications. 


Making raised product isn’t automatic.  It requires thought and careful preparation.  However, beautiful product and satisfied customers makes the attention to detail worth your while.  Your BakeMark Sales Representative is very experienced in correct raised donut production.  He or she can help fine tune procedures that can be applied directly to your production – not from a computer program – so the advice you receive is for your real donut shop, your actual customer base, and your actual raised donut production.